Welsh Government

Farming Connect

Farming Connect – our new, enhanced programme of support for farmers and foresters in Wales

The new, integrated Farming Connect programme provides knowledge transfer, innovation support and advisory services for farmers and foresters throughout Wales.

We provide…
a range of services and events which support the development of a more professional, profitable, diverse and resilient land-based sector. 

We promote…
business-focused behaviour through our new and enhanced pan-Wales programme of knowledge transfer activities; specialist advice and innovation support.

We deliver… 
A new and enhanced programme of services and events within the following three categories:

  • Develop your business 
  • Invest in skills and mentoring
  • Discover innovation

With Farming Connect eligibility criteria now broadened and a new range of services available, it is important that you keep up to date by making regular visits to this website. We will provide more detail on all services as they become available under our phased delivery plan.