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1. Construction

Luke Riddiford - Ridd's Ramps

Luke Riddiford, a 22 year-old car fanatic, originally conceived the idea for Ridd’s Ramps - a self-service garage facility when his car broke down and several local garages refused to rent him the necessary tools to fix it himself.


Luke had help from a dedicated Big Ideas Wales advisor which he said was essential for his enterprise. He explained:

“The hardest part of getting the business going has probably been my age. When you’re a young entrepreneur, there are a lot of people who doubt you and don’t take you seriously. Support from my family and Big Ideas Wales has therefore been vital to Ridd’s Ramps. It just shows that if you can get over the initial difficulties and have confidence in your idea, great things can happen.”


"When you’re a young entrepreneur, there are a lot of people who doubt you and don’t take you seriously."

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2. Creative

Lucy Hellyer - Lucy's Beauty Studio

Lucy launched her successful business, Lucy’s Beauty Studio, after completing her HND in Advanced Therapy and Spa Management at Gower College Swansea.

Lucy's ambitions were realised in July when Lucy's Beauty Studio was launched.  The business is located on the premises of Swansea's largest gymnasium (The Fitness Studio). She has been busy promoting the business with special offers, direct marketing, sales promotions and a social media campaign. 


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Alex Bull - Designer

Alex is an award-winning multidisciplinary designer working with a diverse range of media.

Offering services as a designer, primarily to new businesses but has done work for established businesses as well. Following guidance from Big Ideas Wales he has expanded his target market to focus more on the Cardiff area.

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3. Food and Farming


James Evans - Cheese & Chocolate

After becoming vegan, James recognised a gap in the market for luxury vegan goods in Cardiff. He established Cheese & Chocolate, a vegan street food business, selling cruelty free comfort food.

James became a vegan to improve his health but realised he missed certain foods. He worked to find a recipe that would allow him to produce vegan compliant cheese and chocolate.

His market research showed that these were the products most missed by others who became vegan in their 20’s or later.

He secured a venue where he sells three days per week and also attends various fayres/events where he can also sell and promote his business.

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4. Life Sciences

Sarah Callaway and Mike Pitman - House of Callaway

Sarah Callaway, and Mike Pitman, came up with the idea for House of Callaway, which sells several different types of menstrual cloths while at university

Used externally, reusable menstrual pads are generally made of cloth and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Once used, they can simply be rinsed and thrown in the wash before being used again and again.

Mike said:

“We set up the business while balancing our university studies, and as it was our first shot at setting up an enterprise on our own, we were in need of practical help and advice.


"Big Ideas Wales put us on a one-to-one course with an advisor, who talked us through all aspects of creating a successful start-up. We went through everything from small things like formulating an ‘elevator pitch’, to big tasks such as our long-term marketing plan.”

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5. Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Sian Rees Astley

Roberts and Astley (co-own with her partner Timothy Astley)



Selling mid-century and contemporary furniture sought and produced locally.


What they had to say:

"Big Ideas Wales have been a great support! We had regular meetings and hands-on assistance from start to finish with the application for a business loan which went through successfully. Since we opened Roberts & Astley on Caernarfon High Street our sales have grown week on week and our presence online is also growing organically!"

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6. Marketing

Sean Keane

The Online Marketing Co



A highly reputable website design and online marketing company based in various locations around North Wales and the North West. Offering website design, online selling solutions, search engine optimisation, PPC AdWords management, social media management, marketing consultancy and much more.


What they had to say:

"Meeting Katherine was very helpful; she was great at offering business suggestions and finding answers to uncertainties within my business. She assisted in sorting the end of year financial requirements, such as registering with HMRC and preparing the books."



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