Your Business Ideas

You want to become your own boss but still need that big idea? Don't panic! 

There's so many ways you can get creative. You might not have even realised it yet, but you may have already found the idea and you just need to find a way to tap into it. 

Start by asking yourself these questions: 

  • What kind of work suits you?
    Man looking at ideas on the wall
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • Do you have a skills that's in demand?
  • Can you spot a new opportunity?
  • What hurdles do you have to overcome?
  • Can you solve a problem

Remember - not every business starts with a 'eureka' moment. Most successful business actually are just based on better versions of something that is already out there and not on a new invention or radical idea! 

Write down everything that comes to mind and your idea will come to you. You may even have a career already in mind, but have you thought about turning it into your business and working for yourself one day? 


You can explore your business ideas by downloading some of our Business Factsheets (this links to the COBWEB portal and is an external site) and having a look at the Business Wales Guide to Researching and Developing your Business Idea




So you've got your idea? Now you'll want to know how you can protect it

Your new idea could be anything - a new product/service, a new brand, you could have even written a song!

There are lot of ways you can protect your business idea but you will have to find out if is original first. Take a look at the Find Support for Inventors Business Wales Guide.