Big Ideas Wales "Campaign in a Box"

‘Campaign in a Box’ is a bank of resources to help stakeholders to promote Big Ideas Wales to young people in a consistent and hopefully engaging way!

It includes literature, images, and copy for stakeholders to use in their own communications to attract more young people to think about starting a business. Everything is provided in Welsh and English. 

It is divided in to three sections: -


1. Big Ideas Wales ‘general’ materials

This section includes online copies of literature to explain Big Ideas Wales, and entrepreneurship to young people. Of particular interest could be the A4 poster template, which is a word file that allows you to type in your own details e.g. of an upcoming event.

It also includes a flyer, and reference copies of the Young Entrepreneurs Guide to starting a Business (For your use only) and the ‘Routemap’ that you will receive in the post.

Also included are written copy explaining what Big Ideas Wales is that could be used in an email or on your websites, and social media and associated graphics for use on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

N.B. Please feel free to amend the copy provided to suit your audience and your tone of voice. What is provided is intended to help, not to restrict your own communications.

Please click here to be taken to the Dropbox link which includes a selection of images for you to use for your social media channels. There are different sizes for the different channels


Social media posts for you to use alongside the images:



Other general social media posts for you to use:


Please use this email copy in any way you feel it would be useful for your network of young people.





Various piece of literature for you to download and use with your network of young people



Entrepreneur's Routemap


The Young Person's Guide to Starting a Business


Blank A4 poster template


Serious about starting a business poster



Entrepreneur's Routemap



The Young Person's Guide to Starting a Business


Blank A4 poster template


Serious about starting a business poster

2. Big Ideas Unleashed

Big Ideas Unleashed is a package of support that we’re really pushing at the moment to encourage more people to ‘sign-up’ to register their interest. Included in the package could be:

·         1-2-1 sessions with a Big Ideas Wales business adviser.

·         An in-depth ‘Start-up’ guide (they have to sign up to receive this)

·         Full access to ‘Simply Do Ideas’, an online platform that takes you on a personal journey to develop your idea. (they have to sign up to receive this through Big Ideas Wales)

·         Opportunities to meet with other young entrepreneurs and Big Ideas Wales Role Models to get more ideas, tips and advice!


To sign-up they just need to visit and sign up on the front page. We will be adding exclusive content in the coming months too.

 The materials included in the ‘Campaign in a Box’ section include much of the same i.e. copy, imagery, social media graphics, but also include a bespoke flyer and Powerpoint presentation to explain what Big Ideas Unleashed actually is. 

Slides for you to incorporate into any presentations you may be giving to your networks








Email text for you to copy and paste and use how you see beneficial for your network of young people




Images and text for you to use on your social media channels

Please click here to be taken to the Dropbox folder where you will find the images:

English & Welsh 

3. Bootcamp to Business

The next Bootcamp will take place on 16 November, with the closing date on 14 October. This section includes flyers, social media images and copy, and quotes from past participants to support your promotion.


Bootcamp Flyer





Participant Quotes



Social Media Bootcamp graphics

(please click here to visit the Dropbox folder)



4. Big Ideas Celebrated

Partner resources! Share, encourage and we'll see you there!

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Copy & paste for social media posts

Big Ideas Celebrated Flyer
Big Ideas Celebrated Programme
Workshop Content


Any questions?

This is the first time that we have done something like this so would really appreciate any questions and feedback that you have. Please either contact us here or feedback through your regular Big Ideas Wales contacts.