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Competition FAQs


What is Big Ideas Celebrated?

It is a National competition aimed at finding and showcasing the best Entrepreneurial talent amongst 16 to 25 year olds in Wales.


Who Manages the Competition?

The competition is part of the Welsh Government’s Youth Entrepreneurship Services (YES) to support young people in Wales from the age of 5-25 to increase their awareness of entrepreneurship, find their inspiration, explore ideas and ultimately launch their own business. The Prospects Partnership, made up of Prospects and Cazbah Ltd. are appointed by the Welsh Government to deliver Youth Entrepreneurship Services across Wales.


Who can enter?

The Competition is open to anyone who resides in, or is being educated in, Wales and is aged 16 to 25 on the 1 February 2018.


Are there different Award Categories?

Yes there are a number of categories. The list of these can be found here. There is no need to select which you would like to enter but it is important that you take a look at the Judging Criteria so that you gain as many marks as possible for each category you wish to be considered for.


Can I submit an entry on my own?

Yes you can. The competition has categories for both individual and team entries and as long as you meet the age criteria and reside in Wales you can enter.


I am in school and run a business with friends who are not in education. Can we enter?

Yes of course, you can submit your business as a team entry. As long as all members meet the residency and age criteria you are welcome to take part.


Do we have to pay to enter?

No, the competition is free to enter.


What age do we have to be?

All individuals or team members must be aged 16 to 25 on the 1 February 2018.


I am a Welsh student attending an English University. Am I allowed to submit an entry?

Yes you are as long as you have a home address in Wales.


I am an English student attending a Welsh College/University. Am I allowed to submit an entry?

Yes you are as you are studying in Wales.


How many times can I enter?

If you are entering as part of a team from a School, FE College or Higher Education establishment as a result of an internal competition there is a limit of 3 team entries per institution.

If you have set up an enterprise activity or business independently, either as a team or as an individual, then you can still enter separately in your own right.


Is there any limit to the number of individuals entering from an institution?

No we welcome entries from any number of individuals as long as you meet the competition eligibility criteria.


How do I/we enter?

Entries can be uploaded anytime from 30 September 2017. You can access this by visiting app.simplydo.io/new/bic


What information is needed to finish my entry?

For 2017/18 we are asking entrants to complete a brief online entry form and upload a short video entry instead of a detailed written entry.

The following provides guidance on the content and format of your video entry:

Although we are asking for a video entry this year – this does not mean it has to be a film of you or your team.  It could be:

  • a PowerPoint slideshow that has been saved as a movie file

  • you could maybe recruit some budding actors to promote your entry on your behalf

  • it could be a video of your product business with a voiceover if you are camera shy

Be as creative as you like.

All we ask is that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Maximum length of video – 2 minutes (120 seconds) and no bigger than 100MB.

  • Clearly introduce the name of your Enterprise (either verbally or in written form on the film)

  • Provide a clear outline about your enterprise project or business.It is important to make sure you explain what your product or service is.

  • The video could be in the form of an advertisement for your business or enterprise.The aim is to attract the attention of the judges and stand out from the rest of the entries.

  • Make sure you know what the judges are looking for – take a look at the scoring matrix and the categories. They will be awarding prizes for and hone in on the areas of your business that may score you extra points e.g. if you have a project or business which helps with environmental or social impact make sure you highlight these.

Can I start my online entry and then go back and finish it off on another day?

Yes you can go back to your entry as many times as you like to edit and finish it off providing it is before the closing date – all you need to do is remember your login and password.


Are there Judging criteria?

Yes and these can be found here.


Does the Competition have a theme?

The competition does not have a specific theme. You have complete flexibility to plan, carry out and showcase your own entrepreneurial activity. However, if you did want some guidance there are a couple of suggested themes on the website here.


When does the idea/activity have to have taken place?

You can enter any existing business that is currently trading, or an idea which may be taken to market in the future. If you are taking part in the Welsh Baccalaureate Enterprise and Employability Challenge or raising money for a charity, your activity must take place between 3rd February 2017 and 31st January 2018.


How is the competition structured?

Your entry needs to be submitted by 1 February 2018. Initial judging of the entries will take place in February 2018. 40 entries will be shortlisted and invited to attend a National Showcase event to take place at the end of March 2018 in North Wales. 

At the Showcase Event all 40 finalists will be give space to display their entry.  They will be interviewed at their display stand by a number of judges and also deliver a 2 minute pitch to a panel of judges. The date and venue will be available very soon.


Who will judge our entries?

Entries will be appraised and scored by a panel of Judges which – they will be Welsh entrepreneurs, representatives from other businesses and business related organisations, Welsh Government and the project team.


How will the winners be decided?

1. All online entries will be scored by a panel of judges. 40 entries will be selected to attend the Showcase event in March 2018.

2. At the Showcase event the finalists will be interviewed individually at their display stand by 5 independent judges and their 2 minute Pitch will also be judged by a panel of 3 judges on the day.

3. Each section will be scored in line with the scoring matrix. The highest scoring entries will be either shortlisted or declared winners of the most appropriate categories as determined by the judges. There will not be runners up for any of the Awards.  The scoring matrix is available to see here.


Will travel expenses be paid to attend the National Showcase event?

Any finalist travelling for more than 2 hours each way from their institution (if in education) or home (if not in education) to the venue (4 hour journey in total based on the quickest route calculated on Google Maps) is entitled to a £35 bursary per person.  This only applies to the finalists and does not include chaperones/staff accompanying them.



Will there be prizes?

Yes – there will be prizes – please see current list of prizes here soon.




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