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You can never be too young to be an entrepreneur! 

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Plant ysgol y tu allan i'r Senedd

Children are full of ideas and schools across Wales have shown just how capable and confident children can be in applying their creativity and developing their business know-how. 

Getting children as young as 5 years of age involved in enterprise makes their learning relevant and can:

  1. Develop their confidence and a positive attitude
  2. Develop social skills through teamwork activities
  3. Provide real opportunities to experience bringing ideas to life, making, selling, dealing with money and people!
  4. Fit perfectly into a topic-based, creative curriculum
  5. Enrich the literacy and numeracy learning in the classroom
  6. Provides real context for core learning
  7. Develop understanding of the community and role of business

It is fun and engaging.  Find out how other schools have developed their school enterprise experiences. 

Do any of your pupils have big ideas? Are there enterprise projects and groups within your school that you think deserve recognition?  Read on to find out how your school can get involved.

National Primary School Competition – The Enterprise Troopers

This competition asks pupils to start and grow their own business and provides an opportunity for you to showcase the entrepreneurial activities that take place in your school.

The Enterprise Troopers are a team of superhero characters who are on a mission to inspire 5 to 11 year old pupils to discover their entrepreneurial skills.  They epitomise enterprising behaviour and are based on skills and behaviours needed to be entrepreneurial: Attitude; Creativity; Relationships and Organisation.

The Enterprise Troopers encourage young people to come up with great ideas for business and teachers can also enrich the literacy and numeracy skills offering within their classrooms through the competition’s ‘teacher zone’, which includes foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 materials.

If you are looking for a lively and enjoyable way of inspiring learners and raising aspirations, why not get involved and find out more.

Watch the Youtube Video Here:

Fiver Challenge

The Fiver Challenge is Young Enterprise’s  nationwide challenge for primary schools, aimed to inspire creativity and develop enterprising attitudes and behaviours in young people. 

The Fiver Challenge, supported by Virgin Money, is a FREE, fun and engaging initiative that provides young people aged 5 – 11 years, across the UK with a pledge of £5 for every student taking part. The young people are challenged to set up mini businesses to create products or services they can then sell/deliver at a profit and engage with their local community. 

The Fiver Challenge introduces young people to the world of enterprise and helps build important employability skills, such as risk taking, team working, problem solving, communication and financial literacy, which they can continue to develop in later life. 

To find out when the challenge begins, how it works and how you can get your young people involved, click here to visit the Fiver Challenge Website (external website).

Cracking Ideas Competition

Wallace and Gromit present a world of Cracking ideas. Visit the Ideas Gallery on to get some inspiration for your big idea.  You can also download Activity and Innovation packs to learn more about invention and innovations.  Why not join the flock and enter your invention into the Cracking ideas Competition (external website)