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Our workshops are activity-based sessions and are designed to encourage you to discover the skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur and guidance on how to overcome challenges along the way.  You will leave with a clear idea of what steps to take in order to achieve your dream.

The benefits of the workshops are:

  • It will help build your confidence by recognising the entrepreneurial qualities you already possess, and any additional qualities needed.
  • You will have an opportunity to share ideas and challenges with like-minded, entrepreneurial individuals.
  • You will have the opportunity to question an entrepreneur, learn from their experiences, and get quality advice from somebody who has been there and done it.
  • Learn and develop skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur such as business planning, networking and effective business communication.
  • Receive guidance on what to do next, including skills to work on and who to contact for help and support in the future.


Teachers - email us at or speak to your Big Ideas Wales regional executive

Students - if you're interested in entrepreneurship, sign up for help here 

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Young Enterprise Tenner Challenge

How does it work?

What would you do with £10?

Tenner Challenge is Young Enterprise's FREE national challenge for secondary schools.

The competition is open to everyone in the UK aged between 11-19, you can register now to be part of it.


The Tenner challenge gives students the opportunity to come up with an idea of a product or service they can sell and gain first-hand experience of what it's like to be an entrepreneur.

Students will have a capital of £10 from the Tenner bank to set up their own business either alone or in a group and will be encouraged to make as much social impact and as much profit as possible within 4 weeks.

Participants are in full control of any profit they make and decide what to spend this on.


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Why get involved in Tenner?

Key educational benefits of Tenner Challenge