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The Tenner Challenge 2018 is back!

The challenge is 4 weeks long and you can choose to commence on the 12th of February and finish on the 12th of march or commence on the 19th of February and finish on the 16th of March 2018

tenner challenge

Whether you want to start your own business, or just gain valuable skills to boost your CV, there’s never been a better time to get involved!

Many of the most successful people in business today started out as teenage entrepreneurs.

Jamal Edwards was a teenager when he decided to launch youth broadcasting and production film SB.TV, Fraser Doherty was 14 when he started SuperJam.  Richard Branson was 16 years old when he had his first business success.

Getting involved in enterprise can:

  • further develop your confidence
  • further develop your social skills through teamwork activities
  • help develop you as an ‘independent learner, and build self-reliance
  • provide an excellent vehicle for developing Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • provide great opportunities for insight into the world and work
  • encourage the development of ‘employability skills
  • It is fun and engaging

If you are still studying in a school in Wales we have a number of sources of help and opportunities for you to get involved with. You may not be in a position to start right away, but read on to find out what’s going on and how you could develop your skills, knowledge, experience and confidence in business (and your business ideas!). 


Our workshops are activity-based sessions and are designed to encourage you to discover the skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur and guidance on how to overcome challenges along the way.  You will leave with a clear idea of what steps to take in order to achieve your dream.

The benefits of the workshops are:

  • It will help build your confidence by recognising the entrepreneurial qualities you already possess, and any additional qualities needed.
  • You will have an opportunity to share ideas and challenges with like-minded, entrepreneurial individuals.
  • You will have the opportunity to question an entrepreneur, learn from their experiences, and get quality advice from somebody who has been there and done it.
  • Learn and develop skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur such as business planning, networking and effective business communication.
  • Receive guidance on what to do next, including skills to work on and who to contact for help and support in the future.

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Tenner Challenge

How does it work?

What would you do with £10?

Tenner Challenge is Young Enterprise's FREE national challenge for secondary schools.

The competition is open to everyone in the UK aged between 11-19, you can register now to be part of it.


The Tenner challenge gives students the opportunity to come up with an idea of a product or service they can sell and gain first-hand experience of what it's like to be an entrepreneur.

Students will have a capital of £10 from the Tenner bank to set up their own business either alone or in a group and will be encouraged to make as much social impact and as much profit as possible within 4 weeks.

Participants are in full control of any profit they make and decide what to spend this on.


Find out more or print out a poster for your school/college


Why get involved in Tenner?

Key educational benefits of Tenner Challenge