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Edward Shorney - Go Rookie

Location: Bridgend 
Hi I’m Ed Shorney, founder of Go Rookie. I’m a currently studying at Bridgend College finishing off my part time Apprenticeship course in engineering. I have always been interested in businesses and how they operate, as well as being fascinated by engineering and hope to combine the two in my future career. 
When I was applying for apprenticeships myself I came across the problem that the only website available in this area was not fit for purpose. This lead me to come up with the idea of Apprenticeship Finder, a job finder style website based on finding and applying for apprenticeships. 
The main driving force behind me starting my own business is having been through the application process in previous years myself and the frustration of websites not working, or applying for separate apprenticeship over and over again. Once you do one or two you’re sick of applying. My motivation is to help and improve the way people can apply. 
Another factor is being you own boss and setting your own targets. The chance of doing something different and leading the way in something new. The thought of starting my own business excites me. I love a new challenge. I have plenty of motivation to start my own business. 
GoRookie is new online apprenticeship matching service created specifically to assist companies find the most suitable apprentices for them as quickly and easily as possible. This time and money saving is achieved through streamlining the process for applicants seeking and applying for an apprenticeship using a job finder style website.

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