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Emily Farr - Rewired Music

Location: Ceredigion

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind, hence why I undertook a Business Management and Computer Science degree at Aberystwyth University. I wasn’t truly engaging with my studies, but whilst at University I re-found my passion for music when I came across Aber Live Society who ran regular live gigs and open mic nights. As well as having a passion for music, I was interested in travel and food – hence why during my second year I signed up to Camp America to work in the kitchen. During my time with Camp America, I truly discovered a renewed sense of drive and focus. Now a 3rd year student and president of Aber Live Society I was truly able to try out ideas and find a way to share and inspire through music without needing the confidence to sing.  One of these ideas that I was able to set up during this time was a Rewired Workshop which was a website/ database which I created as part of my Computer Science dissertation.

 In 2012 I was awarded Society of the year, graduated with a 2-2. The following summer was filled with festival shifts and working at the campus café. During this time I research the viability of running Aber Live as Rewired Music – by 2013 Rewired Music was officially up and running.

Since this time the brand has gained traction and after much trial and error I have found the direction I wish to pursue. I’ve been inspired by other musicians, and after jamming with a band I am finally able to get on the stage and play my own music live.

The mission for Rewired Music has and continues to be encouraging people to get involved in the music scene and be inspired. From jamming at workshops to playing at open mic nights to simply attending our gigs. Rewired Music is here to provide opportunities to meet like-minded people whilst enjoying the music scene and feeling ‘rewired’.

Facebook: /rewiredmusic13

Twitter: @rewired_music

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