Generate Ideas

Meddwl yn ddwfn

Are you interested in becoming your own boss but still need a big idea?

Don’t worry! There are many ways to get your creative juices flowing.

There are plenty of business ideas out there and you have a lot of them already stored in your brain, without knowing it. All you have to do is find a way to tap into them.

The following points will help you in your quest.

  • What do you enjoy doing, what are you passionate about?
  • Could you turn these interests or any special skills that you have picked up along the way into a business?
  • Ask your friends and family for ideas. They may be in a job or a career that has a clear gap in the market available.
  • Think local. Have you ever needed any product or service locally, which was not available at the time? Can you fill this gap in the market?
  • Have a look at what you buy. Can you improve the product or service in any way?
  • Play a game, read a book, paint a picture, play a sport - The point is, do something that gets you thinking and then focus that energy into creating an idea/concept/product.
Explore your business idea with the Big Ideas Wales Factsheets

Write down all of your ideas, however big or small even if they seem daft at first.

If you’ve already got a career in mind then great, you never know – you may want to turn it into your own business one day? 

Explore different business ideas to either start your own or those that may suit your career ambitions by registering for our Business Factsheets.

To find out more about developing your business idea, read the Business Wales guide on Research and Develop your Business Idea (Business Wales website).

For younger inventors aged 4-16 you can visit the Ideas Gallery on to get some inspiration for your big idea.  You can also download Activity and Innovation packs to learn more about invention and innovations.  Why not join the flock and enter your invention into the Cracking ideas Competition (external website)