Realise your potential

Discover your future potential. You're not limited by your past.

Some points to think about...

Whatever stage you are at on your business journey, stay on track with our helpful tips.

Print out this list and place somewhere you'll see everyday to keep motivated.

Gwryw cartŵn sy'n pwyntio
  • Discover what drives you
  • Don’t be your own enemy! Partners, colleagues and friends might feel threatened by your decision to set up a business, but the biggest barrier to change is your attitude, not theirs.

  • Don’t underestimate yourself but do believe in your future

  • Don’t make unrealistic demands on yourself. You cannot do everything and be everywhere, so know your limits

  • It's good to make changes, just be prepared challenges to your business may come too

  • Set yourself a series of modest short–term goals rather than going for the jackpot right from the start

  • Stay positive. There will always be ups and downs but that is what makes it so rewarding!

  • Do keep up to date with your objectives and goals you have met. Remember to reward yourself for those achievements!

  • Do stay committed. Take the first step right now, a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.


What Motivates You? 

benywaidd cartŵn yn y cartwn

Even the most motivated of us can feel unmotivated at times, but working on something you enjoy will add control and focus to what you do.

If you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.

It’s our values which tell us what’s important to us, the kind of person we want to be and the goals we want to achieve.

We’re not always conscious of what we really want. We may think it’s financial success when in reality it’s a better relationship with a partner, more time with the kids or more adventure in our lives. Here, our feelings can help out – if we aren’t really enjoying life, maybe something isn’t quite right.

Creating a list of your values will help you focus your life around what’s important for you and your beliefs.

Understanding what you really care about is especially important when you take on a new challenge that will really test you, like starting a business.


Ask yourself...


Why is starting up my own business important to me?

Write down whatever comes into your mind...job satisfaction, recognition from others, financial rewards - it’ll concentrate your mind.  

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