What is an Entrepreneur?

Richard Branson. Julie Deane. Steve Jobs. Hayley Parsons. Mark Zuckerberg. J.K. Rowling. Jamie Oliver. 

What do they have in common besides massive success? They are all entrepreneurs.

You might think you cannot be like these people. The truth is you can.

Jamal Edwards, Poppy Dinsey, Joshua Magidson, Georgina Cooper and Zoella are all examples of young entrepreneurs who are leading the way and redefining what an entrepreneur looks like.

Today the word, entrepreneur, is used to describe someone who starts a business;and that is part of it.  However, it’s more than that...it’s really a lifestyle that’s based on...

Attitude. Creativity. Dealing with People & Planning.

Coming up with your idea: See how Beatrice came up with hers

Entrepreneurs are no different from you. They are ordinary people who have the determination to turn ideas into products or services.

It can be as simple as providing a service for people who don’t know how to do something, or don’t want to do it, including; pet sitting and walkingevent and party planning and social media marketing.

Think about what you are passionate about, your hobbies and interests. Do you think you could turn it into a business?

Now, think about your skills. These can also be utilised to turn an idea into a business reality.

Tech savvy? Web design, creating apps and ICT are just a few routes you could take.  

Arty? Graphic design, Marketing and Photography are services companies will always need.

Think about...

By using your passions, skills and
interests to start a business, you, like
many entrepreneurs, will love what you

  • What frustrates you? If it annoys you, then the chances are it also bothers other people. Business opportunities can be found wherever there’s dissatisfaction. So if you can think of a better or new way of doing something - run with it.

  • Can I really start a business? Doing something that you haven’t done before can be scary.  However, don’t let those feelings stop you from moving forward.  Many things are hard at the beginning but with practice and determination, it WILL get easier.

Any entrepreneur will tell you it's not always easy. There will be obstacles and setbacks and people whose opinions differ from yours. It takes hard work and passion, if you have this, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

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