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James Button

Location: Newport

My name is James Button and I'm a filmmaker. I've made loads of films since I was twelve and at Uni in Newport studying film, I made films which earned over 35 awards at international film festival and competitions with over 90 nominations and screenings, including Cannes, BFI, Sundane Shorts and was flown to California because of 'The Goat Trilogy'.

Since leaving Uni, I formed a partnership business with my director of photography, Kristaps Kazaks and aimed to use our creative and cinematic powers to offer fresh promotional video content for companies. We are now halfway into our second year and keeping busy, whilst still making short films on the side as film is my passion so I'm loving getting paid what I love to do. We are a two person business more regularly hire in freelancers (such as sound record lists, composers and actors) for bigger projects.

The aim is to go after bigger and bigger clients in order and get their brands to stand out by making films for them which are funny or cool or different.


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