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Optional Competition Themes



To develop a business that assists the food and drink industry, via new technology to market their products globally which considers all food business challenges such as logistics, shelf life, packaging for actual delivery of goods. It could be delivered via a website, a mobile app, social media or other digital means.  It should be a ‘disruptive’ business model that challenges an existing way of doing business and reaches a global audience.



The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 wants people to be involved in designing and delivering the care and support services they need. This includes children, younger and older adults, and carers. Develop a product or service that would improve an individual or a group of people’s wellbeing, to allow them to voice their opinions and have control over their care and support, or the support for carers. This could be in the form of a website, a mobile app, social media or other digital means




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