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A podcast for anyone concerned with the big problems facing society, we’re telling the stories of the brilliant entrepreneurs using social purpose business to create solutions.


How do you solve a problem like?

You can navigate your way through resources on a series of topics here, from entrepreneurial skills to finance, hackathons to social entrepreneurship and educator to intellectual property. These can all help support young people on their entrepreneurial journey. 

You will also find marketing materials that you can use to promote Enterprise Troopers, Big Ideas Celebrated as well as literature and images you can use in your own communications. 

  • Carnegie UK Trust - Build your own Test Town - supports and enables towns and districts to have a go at running their own TestTown

  • Enterprise Catalyst - Self-assessment tool to help young people to think about their own fuel for enterprise, motivations, skills, attitude to succeed

  • Barclay's Life Skills Resources for teachers, parents and businesses to help young people - Build a job-hunting toolbox, identify entrepreneurial skills, gain experience and be inspired

  • Natwest - Money Sense is an impartial financial education programme designed to help young people towards a better financial future

  • World of Work QuizTake this workforce of the future quiz to find out which world of work you belong in.

  • Social Entrepreneurship Toolkit - Offers practical guidance and working models for every stage of social entrepreneurship from initial idea, setup and piloting, on to longer term sustainability, growth and replication.

  • Wales Cooperative Centre toolkit (can be completed in both Welsh and English) – Help you to discover how you can run care and support services in a co-operative way.

  • Introduction to Social Enterprise - Lesson Plan and slides, including 2 case studies, produced by Wales Cooperative Centre.

  • Unltd – Young person’s guide to Social Entrepreneurship

  • Unltd Resources for Social Entrepreneurs- A tool for sharing the stories, challenges and insights of young people who had an idea and ran with it.

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals -The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations

  • Ashoka – Builds and cultivates a community of change leaders to transform institutions and cultures worldwide so they support changemaking for the good of society

  • The Social Enterprise Revolution, TED Talk – Melody Hossaini talks about what a social enterprise is, why it is the best time to one up, especially for women and young people.

  • Cooperatives UK – a guide to the process of starting a co-operative or community enterprise.

  • How Do We Work Together to Unlock the Entrepreneurial Talents of Millennials? In 2017 we ran 3 events across Wales across the partnership network to develop knowledge and understanding of working with Millennial clients. Here are links to slides from the day and outcomes/ findings from these events.



  • EinECON 2018 – Future Educators conference – Cardiff Metropolitan University - Educating the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, why and how we can help to develop an entrepreneurial mind in the next generation -

  • Going solo: Self-Employment in Wales  - Report for the Federation of Small Businesses in Wales on patterns of self-employmentBelow are links to presentation from the day.



  • MIT Michael Schrage - Michael Schrage talks about innovation, value creation, technology and human capital 




  • 4th Industrial Revolution – are we in a 4th industrial revolution? There is evidence of dramatic change all around us with artificial intelligence, self driving cars, etc. Take a look at this video to find out more.




  • Entrepreneurship in Education – Webinar on what is entrepreneurship, why or why not it needs to be taught, the importance of value creation and how do we teach people to become entrepreneurial.


  • Social Entrepreneurship in Education –  This guides sets out to explore is social entrepreneurship could be integrated into education systems including best practice case studies and what education leaders make of this prospect.












IPO Resources – Videos on Intellectual Property from the Intellectual Property Office. Content includes what is IP, Patents, Trade Marks and Registered Design.