Meeting a Business Wales Adviser Checklist

How to know if you are ready to seek advice from one of our Business Advisers?

Big Ideas Wales have a dedicated team of Business Advisers across the whole of Wales that are qualified to give constructive business advice to those wishing to start up in business.

Cynghorydd busnes


Checklist of things to consider before meeting a Business Adviser:

  • Have you done your market research? Do you know who your competitors are?
  • Do you know what your start up costs will be and have you also considered the ongoing running costs of your business?
  • Are there any areas in your business skills base that you feel would benefit from more support for example understanding Tax or marketing effectively?

  • Have you considered any barriers that you fel you may face in starting up your business and though about how you may over come this?


Business Adviser


If you tick most of these boxes and believe that you are ready to seek the specialist advice of a Big Ideas Wales Adviser, you are probably now wondering 'How do I get in touch to ask for help?' - The good news is that it is incredibly simple to do... The first step is to contact Big Ideas Wales and simply just ask to be put in touch with a business Adviser. We will take your details and put you in touch with a business adviser near you. You can make this first step by e-mailing, calling 0300 060 3000 or sending us a message via Facebook or Twitter. Don't forget to follow us if you want to keep up to date with entrepreneurial news and events!