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Daniel Lewis started Lagrafica in 2005, having worked as an in-house designer for a company producing educational products. His immediate thought after leaving is previous job was to find a role within a design agency but, as he had been working for one company for almost the whole of his professional career, his portfolio was limited and he needed to find away to expand his project breadth and skillset.

Never underestimate the power of networking. If you do it well, you will get to know a lot of professionals in a lot of industries who will also be able to help your business, either directly or through reselling and referring your work.

Daniel Lewis - Lagrafica Ltd 

Following this, he took the decision to start up on his own with the view that at the very least he could expand his portfolio but if it took off, then even better! After running the business for many years, Daniel admits that he is still surprised by how much he has learnt but also how interested he has become in the intricacies of running a business. He was worried that a lot of his time would be spent on administration, managing cash-flow, answering calls etc. and that he would spend less time doing what he ultimately enjoyed doing, which was design. Although he was correct with this assumption, he has found that running the business day-to-day is actually stimulating and challenging in its own right, and he now has two outlets for my creativity.

Naturally, Daniel has had to face some issues as his business grew, including the initial challenge of gaining a strong clientele for the business. It quickly became clear to him that the best way to develop a new client base was to start attending business events and networking. The majority of Daniel’s business has come as a direct result of networking, joining networking groups, encouraging clients to refer him and, most successfully, finding business to resell his work.

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