Rifhat Qureshi
Rifhat Qureshi
Modest Trends
In a nutshell:
Fashion brand for the next generation of Muslim women

After surviving a massive health blow in 2018, I decided it was time to put my dreams back into action.  Modest Trends is an online and offline fashion brand for the next generation of Muslim women. I provide Abayas, Hijabs and modest fashion to women who are looking for fashion that fit in with their religious, spiritual and fashion needs. I sell most items through a small offline boutique in the heart of Grangetown, Cardiff. This is because many of my customers still prefer to shop in person and see the items they are buying. My products are sourced ethically and sustainably.

My business is a for-profit business but I have created a social element to it by partnering with a local charity and Water Aid UK. I therefore provide a percentage of my profits through the Hijabs That Help campaign.

I am someone who very much wants to champion entrepreneurship. I especially want to do this as an Asian female founder as I feel it is important to showcase the diversity of entrepreneurs across Wales. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and discovered even my ancestors were merchants in Arabia. My ambition is to encourage groups who feel unrepresented in the entrepreneurship space to feel confident in exploring their ideas. Female empowerment and representing Black, Asian and Minority groups are my passions.