Sam Cockrell
In a nutshell:
Big Ideas Wales Young Ambassador
Financial and professional services
Vale of Glamorgan

Sam is a Young Ambassador for Big Ideas Wales

Our Young Ambassadors are new, aspiring entrepreneurs who have recently started their business and want to inspire their peers. Many have accessed Big Ideas Wales support themselves and want to share their experiences online and at events. Let us know if you’d like to engage with any of our young ambassadors

I am currently running a technologies company called Welsh Websites. I offer web design services alongside app developments, SEO and marketing, presentations, branding, logo design and much more. I also operate a human resources services business such as a recruitment agency and HR related services such as mock job interviews, vetting, appraisal meetings just to name a few. I am also currently setting up a business association for young people throughout South Wales to support and mentor those who need it most. I have plans soon to establish a company based in the financial sector.

I started running my own business because I have always been an entrepreneurial in mind since a very early age. I was always wanting to set-up some kind of business and that’s what really set me off. I have had many ventures since the age of thirteen but now I am a great businessman running multiple businesses. I believe that as long as you put your work into it, you’ll reap the rewards, I am true believer and this is what has happened to me! I am always reaching high in terms of goals and aims and this has led to my strong will and desire to run my businesses.

When I was much younger, I always loved running my ventures and exploring the opportunities that I had once I started. I loved watching The Apprentice, that really informed me about how anyone can go into business and thrilling, and exciting life is once you own your business as each day is going to be different, having your own team all sounds amazing. My parents have always allowed me to flourish my ideas and taken me to any events or meetings with multi-millionaires to expand my ideas. Inspiration has also come from my travels to Australia as experiencing new cultures and ways of life makes me want to operate my business internationally which is very exciting.

No business owner will tell you there have never been any problems. One setback I had two years ago, was somebody tried to use my business name and ideas without my permission, so it made me very aware that security of your business is vital and how easy it is for someone to start trading as you in another part of the country. I’ve overcome this by tightening my security and investing in ways to protect my business structure, name and idea.

The best part of being my own boss, for me, is the freedom to do what you want when you want. The more you push yourself like me, the more you get. Working for someone else means lining their pockets, giving them nice holidays and sporty cars. I decided this wasn’t for me so I now receive all the rewards that I put into my business. I can expand it as large or as small as I’d like, employ who I want and run multiple success ventures to my capacity.