Samuel Cockrell
Sam Cockrell
In a nutshell:
Big Ideas Wales Young Ambassador
Financial and professional services
Vale of Glamorgan

Sam is a Young Ambassador for Big Ideas Wales

Our Young Ambassadors are new, aspiring entrepreneurs who have recently started their business and want to inspire their peers. Many have accessed Big Ideas Wales support themselves and want to share their experiences online and at events. Let us know if you’d like to engage with any of our young ambassadors

Samuel is an award-winning entrepreneur and current owner of three organisations within the technology, HRM, financial and legal sector. He also is in the process of founding a charitable organisation supporting causes based within Europe and Worldwide. Samuel began his entrepreneurial journey at a young age and has worked with top industry leaders and organisations since and has support budding entrepreneurs with their own business ideas. 

 Samuel believes education and entrepreneurship go hand in hand and has given keynote talks with colleges and secondary schools across Wales including providing workshops, presentations and Q&A sessions. He has been involved with setting-up platforms that enable other entrepreneurs to connect and honorary guest speaker at business events. 

 Samuel has worked with the President Bill Clinton Foundation and CGIU Program and currently a mentor with them. He has also worked with the esteemed Babson College which is a private school in Massachusetts. Samuel has always been an advocate for higher education and explains why it is very important for young people to peruse this. Samuel has been recognised by HM The Queen and works on external projects to support other charitable causes.