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Tom Trevarthen – Crimson Rhino

Location: Aberystwyth 
My name is Tom Trevarthen and I run a café and shop called Crimson Rhino in Aberystwyth. I’m 21 years old now and I set the business up over summer 2014.
I’m originally from England but have lived in Wales since 2011 when I started my degree at Aberystwyth University. I worked part time at heath food shops whilst completing my degree, and when one of these shops went bankrupt I was made redundant. 
It was this that got me thinking about how businesses worked, and from here I decided I would like to start my own. The business that I have set up I’d focused on delivering healthier food for people in a town where I believe there was a shortage of healthy options. Our main product is smoothies, and I’m proud that we offer customers the ability to create their own smoothies We use no meat products in the business, and I use this as an opportunity to be experimental in the kitchen with different flavour combinations and ideas. I’m proud of my inventions as a chef - vegan coconut and cashew ice cream for example - but I’m even more proud to be running my own business.

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