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Welcome to the Partner's Area

The UnLtd Try It Awards offer a small amount of funding for inspiring individuals who want to try out an idea, so it’s perfect for you social innovators out there!

The Entrepreneurship Exchange is here to bring together partners for the benefit of Youth Entrepreneurship in Wales. Whether you are a parent, teacher, academic, or member of a partner organisation, take a look around this area to see how you can support the work that we do. We have put together partners, resources, a range of research and publications on entrepreneurship as well as information about our services, competitions and how to get involved as a role model all in one space. If you feel that something is missing then why not get in touch?

Big Ideas Wales Services
Our Services

Find out about Big Ideas Wales here and what we do.

Big Ideas Wales Role Models
Our Role Model Network in Wales

Are you interested in finding out about becoming a role model? Find out more about our role model network and how you can apply.

Case Study Collage
Young Entrepreneurs: Case Studies

Have a read through some of our news stories, articles and blogs from young people who have benefited from our services. 

Business Wales Logo
Business Wales

Big Ideas Wales is a part of Business Wales, providing information and guidance to start up and grow a business. We also want to ensure a smooth transition to the wider services available from Business Wales.

Be the Spark

BeTheSpark is a pan-Wales movement, aiming to create a more visible, simple and connected entrepreneurial ecosystem by encouraging greater collaboration across the five stakeholder groups.


Big Ideas Wales aspires to support young entrepreneurs, whether new to the entrepreneurial journey, or want to start a business now. If you work with a young person who wants to find out more, consider some of the following resources that they can access from us

Signpost them to the Big Ideas Unleashed Package

They will get access to 1-2-1 sessions with a business advisor, an in depth start-up guide and access to the business idea management tool. 'Simply Do Ideas'. 

Signpost them to the Big Ideas Wales Newsletter 

"Are you ready to meet an advisor" Checklist
find out if your young entrepreneur is ready to meet one of our business advisors, and if now how we can help them get there

Formalising plans & Ideas - Simply Do
Simply do allows young entrepreneurs to work through their ideas and process them into a coherent manner so they understand fully what their next steps should be. Sign up to gain access.