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Blogging Guidelines

Blogs should have a business or entrepreneurial theme.

This could be:

  • tips or advice from your own experience
  • your description of how your business has overcome a particular challenge
  • your account what you might do differently if given a second chance of starting up or growing your business
  • blog posts should be interesting to a general business audience, and not too technical or specialist
  • blogs should have roughly 700 to 1000 words, however if your article is less or includes a lot of images – we still may be able to include it
  • your blog needs to be written in clear English or Welsh
  • provided you have the right to republish the blog, blogs can already have been published elsewhere. Blogs can also be new
  • blog posts should not be an advertisement for either your business or any other business, or should not be an advertisement for community activities such as fundraising and community events. We are happy to include a link to you or your business in the blog post, but that’s as far as it goes
  • Business Wales will not pay you for your article
  • unfortunately not all blog submissions will be posted and Business Wales will not respond to everyone who has submitted a blog post
  • where applicable please provide a source for your article
  • please include an image for your article – the bigger the better
  • for obvious reasons, we can’t carry blog posts which criticise Welsh Government policy, or which are overtly political in tone
  • please observe the usual rules of courtesy and respect to anyone who might read your post