Industry and Country Specific Technical Notices

UK Government is producing information relating to changes that may affect specific industries and sectors in the event of a no deal EU exit. The technical notices relating to specific industries include information businesses need to consider relating to import and export, regulations and standards, data protection, marketing standards, employees, tariffs and trade associations.

For further guidance and support for relating to your industry contact your trade body or association.

Preparing for EU Exit – All Businesses

As a result of potential changes all businesses are encouraged to review UK Gov information that may affect how they operate when the UK exits the EU. These are available on the GOV.UK website including:

Preparing for EU Exit – Industry Guides

UK Government have released a series of industry specific technical notices which are available on the GOV.UK website including

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing:


Education & Training:

Energy and Environmental Goods and Services:

Farming and Forestry:

Finance and Professional Services:

Food and Drink:

Life Sciences:




Preparing for EU Exit – Country Guides: