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1 Frozen Moon Productions Ltd

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An experienced video production company who have been working for 100's of businesses and organisations since 2004. Producing high quality business information and insight videos for small businesses through to large corporations, our videos have high production values combined with creative ideas to achieve great results. We consult with clients from video planning, script writing, film scheduling, shot planning, storyboarding, interviewing, motion graphics and editing and ensure that videos have the right video marketing strategy so they are distributed to full potential. We don't just produce videos that sit online and gather internet dust, our clients receive the right support to drive their videos forward to be seen by a target audience. Visit out website to see the quality of our videos: http://www.frozenmoon.co.uk
Company registration number
Business turnover
Under 250k
Number of employees

Branch location - Wrexham

Contact name: 
Mark Kendrick
Contact position: 
Managing Director
Pembrook House
Ellice Way
Wrexham Technology Park
LL13 7YT
Contact email: 
mark [at] frozenmoon.co.uk
Business email: 
info [at] frozenmoon.co.uk
How many people does your branch employ?: 
What was the turnover of this branch in the last financial year?: 
Under £250k
What types of operations does your business have in Wales?: 
Other operations: 
Video Production
Key equipment and capabilities: 
Filming, Video Production, Motion Graphics, Animation, Aerial Filming, Editing, DVD Production, Event Filming
Do you export?: 
Which countries do you export to?: 
France, Poland, Germany, USA

Creative Services

Sector Type: 
Creative Services
Sub sectors / Divisions: 
Advertising and marketing
Film, TV, video, radio and photography
Motion picture video and programme activities
Photographic activities
Other standards / accreditation / awards: 
Member of the Institute of Videography