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Aberconway Consulting Limited

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Aberconway Consulting Limited is an established Health, Safety and Environmental Management Practice operating in all Business and Industrial sectors across the UK, Eire and Internationally.

We offer accredited Health and Safety Training, Food Hygiene Training and First Aid Training at our Training Centre in Llandudno.

IOSH, CITB, FAA Accredited training Courses.

ITSSAR, NETA and ALLMI Training for Fork Truck and Marine Crane also available through our supply partners

Training on your premises can also be arranged at competitive rates saving on time and travel for your employees.

Are you looking for Face Fit Testing? Just book an appointment at our Llandudno Centre.

Service contracts available to support your business in all areas of Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance.

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Under £250k
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Branch location - Llandudno

Contact name: 
Barrie Roberts
Contact position: 
Tyldesley House
48 Clarence Road
LL30 1TW
+44(0)7775 6777 30
Contact email: 
b.roberts [at] aberconway.co.uk
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action [at] aberconway.co.uk
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Under £250k
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Health and Safety Training
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None of the above

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Education and Training
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Continuing education
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