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BlueGreen Internet Marketing provide digital marketing services across a range of sectors, including public sector, defence, aerospace, construction, online retail, automotive, training and education, third sector and charities. Our core offering includes <a href="https://bg-seo.com/seo/">SEO</a> - Search Engine Optimisation and <a href="https://bg-seo.com/website-design/">Website Design</a>/Development with a strong focus on generating leads, enquiries, sales and engagement with customers for our clients using established digital marketing tactics. We're committed to client success - we're honest and transparent in our work and offer the advantage of competitive project pricing. We provide a range of digital marketing services including PPC management - pay-per click - using platforms including Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Social Media Marketing. The services we provide are informed by data. That's why Analytics is included in all of our services, allowing us to make the best possible decisions using real customer statistics. The use of Analytics also allows us to offer Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), a service that helps increase website marketing performance by giving us an opportunity to test new features and implement new ideas that increase the number of enquiries and sales a website makes. We deliver our services in the best way for each client - as a managed service or project, as consultancy service or by training staff to undertake digital marketing work. We're comfortable working with a range of website CMS (Content Management Systems) including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify and others, as well as bespoke applications. We get good results for small businesses by connecting them with new customers. We provide quality work with full transparency and affordable costs - as our <a href="https://bg-seo.com/testimonials/">customers have said</a>. We can help you :)
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Under £250k
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Branch location - Flintshire

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Robert Duckers
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Riverside House
River Lane Brymau Three Trading Estate
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hello [at] bg-seo.com
Business email: 
hello [at] bg-seo.com
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Under £250k
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Creative Services

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Creative Services
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Advertising and marketing
PR and communication activities
IT, software and computer services
Computer consultancy activities
Computer programming activities
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Google Partner

Information Communication Technology

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Information Communication Technology
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Service provision
IT services
Creative digital applications
Web development
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Google Partner