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* Dragon Spark Productions Ltd.

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We are a creative film production company specialising in 4K video production.

Our passionate and diverse creative team produce high-end marketing videos, corporate videos, short and feature length films, digital content, motion graphics and multi-platform advertising campaigns. We own some of the Country’s most professional and diverse range of film equipment including professional 4K and HD Broadcast cameras.

Company registration number
Business turnover
Under £250k
Number of employees

Branch location - Port Talbot

Contact name: 
Dragon Spark Productions Ltd.
Contact position: 
Enquiry Team
Workshop 10
Sandfields Buisness Centre
Endeavor Close, Purcell Avenue Industrial Estate
Port Talbot
SA12 7PQ
01639 506212
Business email: 
info [at] dragonsparkproductions.com
How many people does your branch employ?: 
What was the turnover of this branch in the last financial year?: 
Under £250k
What types of operations does your business have in Wales?: 
Other operations: 
Film, Video Production, Editing, Grading, Videographer
Key equipment and capabilities: 
4K Cinematic Cameras, Stabilisers, Cranes, Dollies, Sliders
Do you export?: 

Creative Services

Sector Type: 
Creative Services
Sub sectors / Divisions: 
Film, TV, video, radio and photography
Motion picture video and programme activities
Other standards / accreditation / awards: 
Winner - "Best Short Film Made in Wales 2016" Carmarthen Bay Film Festival