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FIRE INSPECTOR For FIRE RISK ASSESSMENTS CALL 02920 140868 Are you at risk of Prosecution? Fire Safety UK helps you with fire safety by carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment at your home or business premises . We specialise in helping businesses of all kinds and in all types of premises to ensure they are meeting the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. A Fire Risk Assessment is a mandatory requirement if :- You are a Business Owner that employs more than five people You Own, Manage or are a Landlord of Residential Flats or an HMO with communal areas Members of the public visit your premises Services we can provide:- Fire Risk Assessments Fire Risk Assessment Annual Reviews Fire Extinguisher Training Basic Fire Awareness Fire Warden Training. Our company has been formed by professional and experienced Fire Officers with in the United Kingdom who have a wide and varied range of experience in Local Authority Fire Brigades and have spent a considerable period of time providing practical solutions. What are the benefits of our Fire Risk Assessment- Guidance and Consultancy on Fire Safety Regulations and your responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 during the fire risk assessment by experienced competent assessors. Reports are provided on site after the Inspection is Completed . Competitive quotations for Fire Alarms, Emergency Lighting and Fire Extinguishers and Fire Safety Signage. We will save your valuable time and resources of work and worry Proving to your insurer that you are responsible in your actions and can even lead to a reduction in your insurance costs Future help should you wish to extend or refurbish your premises. Saving lives, minimising damage to property and meeting the requirements of the legislation. Carrying full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Annual review of your Fire Risk Assessment at a reduced cost. Our head office is based in London and we are able to carry out Fire Risk Assessments at very competitive prices in the UK CALL 02920 140868 NATIONWIDE SERVICE Fire Inspector - 2 Fitzalan Road - Cardiff - CF24 0EB
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Under 250k
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Branch location - Cardiff

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Fire Inspector
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02920 140868
2 Brunel House
Fitzalan Road
CF24 0EB
02920 140868
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sales [at] firesafety-uk.co.uk
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sales [at] firesafety-uk.co.uk
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Under £250k
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Fire Safety Consultants
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Building projects
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Consulting Engineers
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City & Guilds