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The Shoot Is an idea of the time we live in, referencing an idea of times past.

We work with visual media, Photography and Video. At the moment we are creating for and documenting some of the best musicians and artist in Wales.

Our aim
- To show you what you are missing,
- Celebrate life and be creative all the time

We are Artists thats are continually growing and adapting we are seeking dynamic collaborations with all walks of life. Music and connection is the hart of all of this, Culture is our world and our camera is our passport to show you.

Business turnover
Under £250k

Branch location - carmarthen

Contact name: 
Steve McDonald
Contact position: 
4 5
Mill Street
SA31 3AB
Contact email: 
steverayphotographer [at] gmail.com
Business email: 
theshoot2017 [at] gmail.com
How many people does your branch employ?: 
What was the turnover of this branch in the last financial year?: 
Under £250k
What types of operations does your business have in Wales?: 
Other operations: 
Photography / video / social media
Key equipment and capabilities: 
Hasselblad h3ii 39mp / canon 5dmk2/ Mac / lighting
Which, if any, of the following terms would you use to describe your organisation? (Please tick all that apply): 

Creative Services

Sector Type: 
Creative Services
Sub sectors / Divisions: 
Film, TV, video, radio and photography
Photographic activities

Creative Services

Sector Type: 
Creative Services
Sub sectors / Divisions: 
Music, performing and visual arts
Artistic creation

Creative Services

Sector Type: 
Creative Services