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Business Start Up Workshops

Sizing up the Market

This workshop takes you through the market research process and helps you understand why market research is so important.  It helps you to know your market and your competitors and more importantly, to understand your competitors.  This module also explains where to get information and which market research techniques to use and shows you how to use your findings to make better decisions.


Winning and keeping customers

This workshop is designed to guide and support you to develop your marketing. It takes you step-by-step from defining your product or service and identifying your customers to planning how to attract those customers and get them to buy.  By the end of this session you will -

  • Have a step-by-step process to develop a marketing plan
  • Be able to clearly define your Ideal Customer and match your product or service to what they want
  • Know how to price your products and services to maximise your profit
  • Understand the basics of successful selling
  • Be able to put a plan in place to get your first customers.

Pricing for Profit

This workshop focuses on this important area of costing and pricing. It helps you identify the types of costs you may incur in your business, explains the different methods of pricing and gives you guidance to set the price for your products and services. By the end of this session you will:

  • Understand the different types of costs in your business
  • Know how to cost your product or service
  • Understand the different pricing strategies open to you
  • Be able to set competitive and profitable prices for your products and services

Managing your Finances

This module looks at the key elements of running the money side of your business. It introduces the basic financial statements, shows you how a Profit and Loss account and balance sheet are put together and explains cash flow statements. In short, it helps you understand enough of the detail to take control of your business. By the end of this session you will:

  • Understand the basic financial statements for your business
  • Be able to put together a Profit and Loss account and read a balance sheet
  • Know how to complete a cash flow forecast and use it to keep track of your finances
  • Understand the different ways to forecast sales

Managing Your Business Effectively

 This module helps you take stock and look at the things you need to do to become more efficient, take control of your business and improve your bottom line. By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Recognise that it’s not about being busy, but being effective
  • Understand the critical areas of success for your business
  • Be able to put key systems and processes in place
  • Have checklists to guide what you do and when
  • Understand the value of a sound Business Plan to drive your business success

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