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73 Degree Films

73 Degree Films


Founded by Robert Corcoran in 2014, 73 Degree Films is a film production company which develops and produces original content such as short films, web series, music videos and more. The company is based at the Wrexham Enterprise Hub and works internationally, shooting in Turkey, Austria and across the UK in the past few months alone.

Recent projects include the 2018 web series ‘People in Places’ and stage show ‘Projekt Z’ (a collaboration with SignDance Collective). 73 Degree Films have collaborated and partnered with multiple international companies and have also created content for household names such as BBC Wales.  As well as developing original content the company also has a distinct non-profit arm, focused on providing media training and experience.

What they did

Rob’s passion for film started at an early age when he would write scripts and create films with his friends using his grandparents’ video camera.

In 2012, whilst studying at Yale College, Rob had one of his scripts selected to be produced for a BBC Wales project. It was at that point when he realised film making could be a potential career path. He founded 73 Degree Films just 2 years later in 2014 whilst completing his Physics degree at the University of Liverpool.

After moving back to Wrexham, he sought advice from Business Wales before officially incorporating 73 Degree Films in May 2017. Rob is particularly proud of “You Are Invited To” – a Wrexham-based comedy film that united 15 local businesses and over 30 local actors.

What would they do differently?

“It’s still early days for us so it’s difficult to say.”

Their proudest moment in business

“It has to be the premiere of our latest series ‘People in Places’, held in Undegun Art Space in Wrexham, which became one of the most successful grassroots film events in the town’s history.”

Do they use Welsh in their business? If so, how has this helped them

“We often use Welsh in our projects. Our latest short film for BBC Wales was titled ‘Beth Sy’n Boeth Wrecsam?’ for example. We have also worked on creating Welsh subtitles for films and we create bilingual marketing materials, too.”

Describe the type of support (financial / non-financial) they’ve received from Business Wales / Welsh Government

Rob first got in touch with Business Wales to enquire about general business support and finance opportunities for his start-up. He received advisory support and attended a number of workshops, including Managing Your Finances and Tax and Bookkeeping.

Following this, he signed up and completed the Business Wales 5-9 Club – a 12-week fully funded programme, designed to help entrepreneurs through the early stages of starting up, allowing them to get all the business support they need, fitted around their busy schedules.

73 Degree Films are now resident in the Business Wales’ Wrexham Enterprise Hub where the company’s iMac is ‘firmly screwed to the table!’

Top Tips

Here are 73 Degree Films’ top tips for anyone else looking to start or grow their own business:

  • be consistent: if you are always working hard, keeping motivated and doing good work, people will notice and will be much more likely to recommend you to others
  • be organised: have a good calendar system in place and make sure it syncs up with all devices!
  • be open to collaboration: collaborate with other people and don’t be afraid to share your expertise – it’s more likely you’ll help each other than hinder, meeting people can be difficult when you start up and you’re focused on your own work, but often it can be the most valuable activity
  • keep up to speed and never stop learning: immerse yourself in your field, whether it’s watching films/TV and reading books or something else – just make sure you’re up-to-date with what’s happening in the world you’re in
  • try to have fun…that sounds good, right?












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