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Beam Holistic

Beam Holistic


Passionate about living the happiest, healthiest life possible, Lianne Weaver set up Beam Holistic in 2013 with the aim of helping individuals achieve the same.

With a background in Human Resources and Accountancy, Lianne decided to make a significant career change to follow her passion and set up Beam Holistic Therapy & Training.

Beam is now split into two distinct areas, training and therapy, offering expert support in areas such as wellbeing, resilience and positive change through reiki, EFT, hypnotherapy, happiness, positive psychology, resilience, meditation, mindfulness, and tarot, amongst others.

What they did

Beam Holistic was established in 2013 as Beam Holistic Therapy offering both one-to-one therapies and unique training programmes within their premises in Newport. In 2017, Beam split into 2 distinct businesses: Beam Holistic Therapies for 1-2-1 therapy work and Beam Development & Training offering corporate wellbeing training programmes.

What would they do differently

“In the beginning, I was nervous about my pricing and often gave a lot of services for free or even at a cost to myself. Whilst I could argue that in some cases this introduced me to new clients, most of the time I did it because I doubted myself. I have since found that when you give something for free, it has no value, so for example, I would offer free 1-2-1 appointments and often those people would not turn up.” Lianne Weaver, Director

Their proudest moment in business

“There have been many, I won a national award, have taken on employees, gained a large training contract etc., but in all honesty, the moments I am most proud of are the stories of the people who I help. One that comes to mind was someone who attended a resilience training course with me for six months. They seemed totally fine and contributed well. At the end of the training programme, I had a 1-2-1 with him and he informed me that the week before starting the course, he had planned his suicide, on that day his employer told him he had a space on the training programme and he decided to delay it, feeling it was a ‘glint of light’. By the end of the programme he said he felt stronger than ever and could not imagine feeling that low again. Time after time doing this work, I learn that you never know what people are hiding and struggling with, it really encourages you to be kinder to everyone you meet. I am incredibly proud that stories like this are not unique within my work and I know I can make a difference.”

Describe the type of support (financial / non-financial) they’ve received from Business Wales / Welsh Government

Lianne first approached the Welsh Government’s Business Wales service as she needed assistance with developing her sales strategy and securing a more consistent flow of business. She was looking for a mentor with experience in selling services, who could help her promote her business and maximise its potential.

Lianne said: “I was matched with James Wood early 2017. At that time, my business had been ‘on hold’ for 6 months whilst I helped take care of my dying mother-in-law. As well as the emotional struggles during that time, it meant that when I returned to work, I felt I needed to start my business all over again. This made me reach out to Business Wales for a mentor. Upon meeting James, we clicked immediately; he showed me everything that I had created within my business and made me believe that I was actually doing quite well. He encouraged (and continues to encourage) me to focus upon my goals and believe in myself.

When I had a huge success this year, James was one of the first people I told. He was so encouraging, supportive and genuinely excited for me and my business. I feel I can tell him anything and know that our relationship will continue for years to come.”

Top Tips 

Here are Beam’s top tips for anyone else looking to start or grow their own business:

  • recognise the difference between working hard and hard work – I’ve realised over the years that growing your business requires a lot of hard work and although tiring, that can be really fun, however, I’ve noticed a difference between doing that and the times when I have felt that things were hard work, usually, that’s a sign for me to re-evaluate what I am doing and to change my focus
  • trust your gut – whether that’s with future contracts, taking on clients, premises etc. I have learned that my gut instinct knows best and when I follow it, things tend to work out; however, when I go against it, I usually regret it
  • it’s not your baby – I love my business and have put countless hours of blood, sweat and tears into it, however, I have always been mindful not to think of my business as my baby, in my former life, I owned an accountancy practice and found that clients often went wrong when they called their business their baby, Ithink it makes us too emotionally attached and unable to see things clearly and impartially


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