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Bobadeg.com create personalised books for young children using their photo and name, making them the star of the story.  

What I did

I started bobadeg.com a couple of years ago. I had noticed how much my own children enjoyed seeing their name and photo in things and how they would engage more with reading if it was about them. That inspired me to create a series of books that were high quality, personalised and educational. I also wanted to have a ‘Made in Wales’ business so I made sure that all of the elements of Bobadeg are Welsh based - the website was built by Welsh Developers, the illustrators are based in Wales as is the printer.  

What I would do differently 

I would keep asking for help. At the start up phase I had a lot of support through Business Wales and other routes. I then went off on my own and became so busy I didn’t really make the time to ask for help and support from others. I have learned my lesson though and I am out talking to as many people as possible about the business. There are so many people out there who are in the same position or have been there that they are more than happy to help, it’s just a case of asking. I am also more than happy to help them in return.

My proudest moment in business

My proudest moments are when I receive feedback from my customers about how much the children like their books. It’s great to think something I have created is making kids really happy and proud of themselves.

Do you use Welsh in your business? If so, how has this helped you

Yes, a selection of Bobadeg ‘s personalised children’s books have been adapted into Welsh. This has opened up a whole market of customers who want to give their child, grandchild, niece or nephew a personalised Welsh language book. I have also found the Welsh language community to be very supportive as the books help them to promote young children reading in Welsh.

Please state the type of assistance / support both non-financial and financial you have received from Welsh Government / Business Wales, if any

I received funding through Business Wales a couple of years ago to start the business. I also received advice around the technology side of things. It was very reassuring to have the support of people with local knowledge and expertise to support the business.

Top Tips 

  • get as many people to help you as possible
  • pace yourself – it’s more of a marathon than a sprint
  • celebrate your successes
  • find as many ways as possible to get and stay inspired
  • adapt to the needs and wants of your customers and prospects


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