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Brød - The Danish Bakery

Brød - The Danish Bakery


Established by Betina Skovbro in 2015, Brød is a small, independent bakery and coffee shop, producing a range of freshly baked Danish breads, pastries and cakes. The business provides great fresh products, delivered with warm, friendly service.

The Danish Bakery prides itself in bringing a taste of Scandinavia to Wales’s capital city and was chosen as 2016’s Best New Business and 2017’s best Café/Coffee Shop in the Cardiff Life Awards.

What they did

"The journey from idea to fully formed business can be a long one, and it’s amazing just how many people play a part in making it happen. Family and friends all contributed – they’d always be asking how it was going, or offering important snippets of advice. All these elements helped me test and refine the business idea. We also received support and advice via Business Wales, which helped us set up and grow." – Betina Skovbro

The Danish Bakery have now successfully trained two apprentice bakers via the ACT scheme and Betina has also enrolled on a leadership training programme delivered via Chwarae Teg to further develop her business skills and knowledge.

Their proudest moment in business

"Opening our doors for the first time. It had been an amazing journey to get to that stage – and every day throws up new challenges. I still find it hard to think that three years ago, this was just a crazy idea. Turning it into a plan, and then into reality was a huge task – with plenty of obstacles along the way, but I knew that I had to give it a go: I just didn’t want it to be an idea that I regretted not acting on. Today, with a great team in place, we feel excited about what lies ahead."

Do they use Welsh in their business? If so, how has this helped them

"The Danish Bakery uses Welsh, English and Danish in its day-to-day business. In that respect, language is an important part of our identity. You’ll see many of the original Danish product names, but being located in Wales’ capital city, and in an area where Welsh is widely spoken, we’ve also sought to include Welsh in our work from the beginning. We’re especially proud of our trilingual menu!"

Describe the type of support (financial / non-financial) they’ve received from Business Wales / Welsh Government

Business Wales first helped Betina in 2015 to secure a start-up loan to set up her bakery.

The Danish Bakery currently benefits from the support of a Business Wales Relationship Manager, Kris Hicks, who is working with Betina on the business’ plans for the future. This includes building a strategic recruitment plan, as well as exploring options for future growth of the bakery.

To address the recruitment challenges faced by the business, Kris referred them to a Business Wales HR Adviser, Cathryn Edwards, who helped Betina to put in place compliant contracts of employment and HR policies. Alun Wade, a Skills Adviser at Business Wales, then came in to help with the recruitment plan and explore opportunities for collaboration with universities and the Jobs Growth Wales scheme.

Betina commented: "Help comes in many forms when you start a business - in reality, you need as much as you can get in those early days! The support I got from Business Wales’ advisers helped me turn my original ‘crazy idea' into a sensible business plan. That was a vital step on the journey to realising my ambitions. It helped build my confidence, while also inspiring me to want to learn more along the way. They also supported my application for a government backed Start-Up loan, which proved to be an important part of the financial jigsaw."

Top Tips

Betina’s top tips for anyone looking to start or grow their own business would be:

  • don’t be afraid to follow your dream
  • trust your gut instincts
  • be prepared for anything and everything
  • don’t be afraid of making mistakes – that’s when you learn new things!






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