A South Wales marketing agency makes significant sustainability improvements following support from Business Wales.

Penarth-based marketing agency, The Media Angel, specialises in bespoke marketing campaigns and media buying across all platforms and all sectors. Having attended a bid-writing workshop, delivered by the Welsh Government’s Business Wales service, the team benefitted from further Resource Efficiency support to ensure the sustainable operations of the business.

  • attended a tendering workshop
  • sustainability support
  • environmental, social and economic improvements within the business in line with the Business Wales Green Growth Pledge

Introduction to business

Established in 2008 in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, by Alison Debono, The Media Angel is an independent marketing agency, specialising in media planning and buying across all platforms, including TV, radio, press, outdoor, cinema, digital, social media, bus, taxi and rail.

With vast experience and expertise in multimedia, the company offers bespoke marketing solutions to clients across all industry sectors.

Why is sustainability important to your business?

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure our business activities do not negatively affect the environment. We are taking steps to promote sustainability within our business, with our suppliers and with the wider community.

We ensure our suppliers are accountable for their environmental impact and have procedures in place to ensure materials are reused or recycled where possible. We are also taking part in community events such as beach litter-picking at Barry Island for Keep Wales Tidy as part of Marine Clean Cymru.

Why did you approach Business Wales?

We approached Business Wales to attend a tender-writing workshop, where we met our sustainability adviser Paul Carroll. Paul explained to us the Business Wales Green Growth Pledge and we started working towards new processes which would make the business more environmentally friendly.


Paul helped us identify ways we could improve the businesses’ environmental impact. We investigated how we could achieve this and made the following changes:

  • contacting our suppliers to ensure materials are recycled and reused where possible
  • walking to meetings or travelling via public transport and car shares where possible
  • investing in cloud-based content management system to save on printing
  • invested in a well-being service for our team.

Future plans and ambitions

We plan to continue to develop new ideas and processes to ensure the business is sustainable and to mitigate our environmental impact. Our plans include:

  • looking at improving our offices’ insulation so that we use less heating
  • continuing to use public transport or car shares, where possible, to travel to client and supplier meetings
  • looking into getting reusable milk bottles delivered to the office from a local dairy
  • taking part in more community events for the environment, e.g. litter picks
  • having a more conscientious mindset about the environment when undertaking everyday business activities

If you want to read more success stories of how Business Wales has helped other people like you to start or grow their businesses, visit https://businesswales.gov.wales/case-studies or follow @_businesswales / @_busnescymru on Twitter.

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