“Business Wales was a huge part of our recent business expansion helping us set up the first Harley Davidson experience centre in the world.”

Person on a motorcycle

With an extensive list of motorcycling achievements between Mick and Adam Extance, the father and son duo offer the ultimate off-road motorcycle experience in the best terrain in Mid Wales.

As the business progressed, Mick and Adam wanted further support and guidance from us at Business Wales to start planning for the first Harley Davidson off-road experience in the world. After the successful pitch to Harley Davidson and the support from their business advisor, they launched the experience centre in Llangynog, generating a huge amount of press coverage.

Driven to improve the business even further, Mick and Adam are working with their sustainability advisor, looking at environmental aspects, involvement with the local community and improving mental health through the experiences they can offer.

We’re pleased to hear that they are experiencing their busiest period ever!

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