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Mockingbird Consulting

Mockingbird Consulting


Mockingbird Consulting provide technology solutions and training to land owners and organisations, allowing users to better collect and analyse their data. The business approached the Welsh Government’s Business Wales service for help to grow their client base, and have since:

  • improved their marketing including social media and online presence
  • adopted an Environmental Policy Statement
  • committed to the Business Wales Green Growth Pledge

Founded in 2017, Mockingbird Consulting provides a complete ‘Internet of Things’ solution across large rural areas, from sensors through to data analysis, allowing users to make better sense of their environment.

The business specialises in rural applications, such as monitoring and analysing air and water quality, soil conditions, livestock movement and crop activity. Through workshops, installation and training sessions, Mockingbird Consulting helps organisations properly appreciate, manage and analyse the data they’re collecting about the world around them.

What did you set out to achieve in your business?

We wanted to make sure that the opportunities that we try to deliver to our clients around better environmental management using technology was something that we were also doing ourselves. Our products range from livestock tracking to air quality monitoring, and whilst we didn't want to track our dog, we did want to try and understand the impact that our actions were having on the world around us (Matthew Macdonald-Wallace, Owner and Director).

What challenges did you face?

As a new company, we found the options to "go green" very overwhelming, especially when you search for reducing carbon footprint or improving air quality.

Why did you approach Business Wales?

We originally approached Business Wales for help with our marketing strategy and general business development. We were then put in touch with a Sustainability Adviser to help us with our environmental objectives.


  • Business Wales Sustainability Adviser Paul Carroll carried out a diagnostic on Mockingbird Consulting’s sustainability processes to help enhance their marketing profile and also assist with achieving the business’ objectives to help their clients monitor their own environmental impacts and land management;
  • With Paul’s help, Mockingbird Consulting developed and adopted an Environmental Policy Statement;
  • Mockingbird have also signed up to the Business Wales Green Growth Pledge by committing to a number of improvements such 
  • as reducing transport emissions and using cutting-edge technology to improve the environmental performance of their business and these of their clients alike.

Paul has been a huge help in guiding us on how to become a more environmentally friendly company. His help and support on compiling the relevant information into easily readable and understandable formats, as well as his recommendations for other organisations who can assist us, has been invaluable to us.

Future plans and ambitions

Our focus is on helping farmers manage their land. However, we also hope that some of the lessons we learn through monitoring the rural environment can be passed on to our customers who work in urban areas, as well. One of the key areas we're targeting is using remote monitoring of site entry and exit points to reduce the need for farmers to drive around the perimeter of their farm checking each and every gate and door, thereby not only helping them know that the farm is secure, but also reducing the amount of miles that they drive and the amount of vehicle emissions as a result.

If you want to read more success stories of how Business Wales has helped other people like you to start or grow their businesses, visit https://businesswales.gov.wales/case-studies or follow @_businesswales.




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