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Office workers, shoppers, music enthusiasts and sports fans are among millions of people across the world whose every breath is enhanced by the skills and experience of engineers in Wales.

Crowds visiting the likes of Wembley Stadium, or the world’s largest shopping mall in Dubai, enjoy clean and pleasant air in energy efficient buildings thanks to leading-edge systems designed and made in Caerphilly by ventilation specialist, Nuaire.

The company came to Wales in 1971 and hasn’t looked back since. Today it’s the leader in its market, offering the broadest range of products and arguably the most advanced solutions.

Chief Executive, Reg Gott, reckons Nuaire’s systems are to be found in most iconic British buildings constructed in recent years -including multi-million pound landmarks such as the Wales Millennium Centre on the Cardiff Bay waterfront.

So popular are they with top international architects that the firm’s sophisticated products have been specified for high-profile structures in no fewer than 40 countries.

Said Reg: “We are not just suppliers of products, we are problem solvers. People come to us for design solutions that are different rather than off the shelf”.

Nuaire, which employs 350 people at its 250,000 square foot complex in Wales, and a further 50 at its satellite plant in France, prides itself in being at the forefront of innovation in ventilation technology. It employs a team of over 20 engineers in its research and development unit and has the largest and most advanced air movement test facility in the UK.

Reg explained: “Over the years the industry has gone from fans that just blow air to ventilation systems that control air. Trends have also moved between mechanical and natural ventilation. The optimum solution is a blend of both and we are the only company that can do both”.

Nuaire’s technology is also making great contributions towards the achievement of zero carbon buildings, with clever designs that harness solar energy to control air temperature and quality in buildings.

The company also lives the green mission itself. With a supply chain largely located in Wales and ultra-low energy machinery, its own carbon footprint is among the lowest for a firm of its kind.

Because of its importance to the economy, Nuaire has been chosen as one of Wales’ ‘Anchor Companies’. That means it works closely with the top government specialists across many different areas in order to stay at the forefront of its industry.

For example, government funding helped with a £2m investment in a new sheet metal forming line that has reduced energy bills by 73%. In addition, government support has helped train top-class staff at all levels.

Crucially, the firm also enjoys a strong working relationship with the government’s sectoral innovation specialist and receives extensive support for developing new products and technologies from the Welsh Government’s Research, Development & Innovation and Business Innovation programmes.

Its chief executive said the firm finds south Wales an excellent location for staffing its advanced operations. It supplements its own investment in training by recruiting from a strong pool of engineers trained by the many German and Japanese companies which have also located in the region. Moreover it collaborates with local universities to ensure a steady stream of top quality technical staff.

Since arriving in Wales, Nuaire’s turnover had grown from £5m to £60m, and, having broken into many new markets over recent years, it’s confident the upward trend is set to continue.

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