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Cardiff-based web agency Odyssey, specialising in creating great websites, was founded with the aim to add a human element into modern-day digital developments. Director Dominic Bonaker initially got in touch with Business Wales for help to become a part of the Welsh business scene and has since worked with a Growth Adviser to support:

  • brand redevelopment leading to 30% increase of sales
  • a 3-year growth strategy
  • expansion of the team as the business secures more work

Founded by Dominic Bonaker, Odyssey is a web agency which offers web solutions to make businesses run more efficiently. The business offers a wide range of services including website development, hosting and security, bespoke web platforms development, implementing new management systems and support, amongst others.


My main ambition when starting out was to add the human element back into these modern-day digital developments. Fundamentally, businesses are built by people, and people do business with people. Simple really. As the business moves on, I see Odyssey as an example of what a web agency can do when a team is passionate about helping people. Connecting with businesses and not only creating great websites but solving their problems in the best way we can and having a laugh while we do it.


1. Cashflow: as a start-up, cashflow is always difficult and it is hard to invest in marketing, buying marketing collateral or paying for an expo stand when your bank balance reads £0. I worked part-time at Costa and invested everything I could into funding the business. As business picked up, I reduced my hours making coffee until the business made enough to pay me full-time.

2. Finding our first clients: this can be difficult when you don’t have any real traction within your industry. It is so important to build a strong portfolio so potential clients can see what your past work looks like and that you have experience within the industry.

Why did you approach the Welsh Government’s Business Wales service and what support have you received?

We initially approached Business Wales as we wanted to be more involved within the Welsh business ecosystem. After finding out about the level of support that can be given by Business Wales, we jumped at the opportunity to work with them.


  • an impartial perspective on the business
  • brand redevelopment leading to 30% increase of sales
  • a 3-year growth plan put in place
  • already looking to expand the Odyssey team

The support we have received from Business Wales has been great. The expertise of their team has given new insight into the business as has helped us become a recognisable brand, not just another web agency.

Sales have increased by around 30% since redeveloping our brand. This development couldn’t have happened without the help and support of Business Wales and our Growth Adviser Miranda Bishop.

Future plans and ambitions

The future of Odyssey is exciting. We are already putting plans in place for the next 3 years. Just as Odyssey literally translates to ‘journey’, both the team and I practice translating the journey into our personal and professional lives. Personally, I would like to see the team that we have already built continue to grow by adding more passionate people to it. We are focused on the journey and working with great businesses along the way. Is your business ready for its next journey?

If you want to read more success stories of how Business Wales has helped other people like you to start or grow their businesses, visit https://businesswales.gov.wales/case-studies or follow @_businesswales on Twitter.


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