Newport-based Rapport Mortgage Services Ltd. offers a wide range of mortgage and protection services including first-time purchases, product transfers, residential mortgages and insurance advice, amongst others. Practice Principal Richard Williams got in touch with the Welsh Government’s Business Wales service and has benefitted from the guidance of a volunteer business mentor, Graeme Tipple.

  • mentoring guidance on recruitment and confidence building
  • strategic planning for the future including diversification and business structure
  • 1 new job created

Introduction to business

Founded by Richard Williams, Rapport Mortgage Services Ltd. is a mortgage and protection firm, dedicated to helping clients find their perfect home. The business provides residential mortgage advice as well as support to first-time buyers, help with refinancing existing mortgages, product transfers, protection and insurance.

“There’s a lot of information to digest when purchasing a property or securing protection. We believe in addressing the individual needs of clients and helping them fully understand their options, so we can work together toward achieving their financial goals.

​Our independent status enables us to establish working relationships with several leading industry mortgage companies and insurance providers. We recommend products and services that are tailored to suit our clients’ unique needs.”

Why did you decide to set up your own business?

I have been self-employed for many years but decided to open my own practice as I had a few ideas that I felt could develop the business for the better. These have been implemented into my business and we are improving day by day from a process and compliance perspective.

What challenges did you face?

I was told that it was increasingly difficult to obtain the agreement from the regulator and that some of the responsibilities were more challenging than they actually were! I had a great, supportive bunch of colleagues with me that helped me through this process, and I was, and still am to this day, thankful for that. Since that point, I have developed more relationships with new introducers and enhanced existing ones.

Business Wales Mentoring support

Having a mentor has given me the confidence to feel positive about recruitment. I had recruited one member of staff prior to engaging with the mentoring programme and have just taken on another admin member of staff. During our meetings with Graeme, we have focused a fair bit on developing the business further and diversifying. It has meant we have had to plan carefully and look at the structure of the business first before making certain steps.


  • mentoring relationship leading to increased confidence with recruitment
  • future guidance on business growth, diversification and planning

Graeme has been a great mentor. He has listened carefully, given constructive feedback and provided ideas and solutions to issues that I have faced for the first time. Although I have 15 years’ experience in advising, I struggle with people management and business development. Having a mentor to discuss this with has been far more beneficial than I could have imagined, and it has made me focus on my progress over set periods of time during the business year.

Future plans and ambitions

I am currently looking for new larger office premises and have discussed the lease agreement with Graeme. I also want to recruit more staff next year and lay some secure foundations on how I plan to develop the business further in 2021 (after a little bit of a breathing space next year, hopefully!).

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