Established in 2008 by Robert Halford, RH Environmental Ltd, trading as RHE Global and RHE, is an innovative services and cloud software provider, based in Newcastle Emlyn, West Wales.

RHE Global provide in-house bespoke training courses, business and process consulting for their software clients, traditional environmental health and regulation consultancy and technical consultancy. Their client base extends from PLCs to small businesses, professional institutions, government and local authorities.

In addition to the Managing Director, his PA and Finance Director Martin Pilkington, RHE Global consists of 4 software developers, 3 sales and support staff, 3 training staff, 1 editorial and an intern. In addition, they have around 60 sub-contractors that they call on to deliver their suite of training courses. RHE also work with 8 freelance software developers but are gradually bringing these functions in house to enable the business to be more agile.

What they did 

In 2008, at the beginning of the digital revolution, Robert saw an opportunity to offer digital services to the public sector. With extensive public sector experience and interests in providing positive social impact, Rob was one of the first entrepreneurs to tap into this market and was quickly able to build a wide client base which laid the foundations of the business. RHE Global now provides business processes and digital solutions, implementation, support and service reviews for RHE’s bespoke innovative developments, including:

  • RIAMS – an enterprise cloud document and knowledge management platform, which has been in use globally since 2012. It has been designed to digitise and centralise the administration, distribution and content of documents for internal or public use.
  • The Noise App – enables users to accurately capture instances of noise nuisance and report it to the relevant authorities. It is a smart tool for professionals investigating complaints about noise, making it easier for everyone concerned to resolve noise problems.
  • Whitedocs – a cloud platform integrating case management with document and data sharing with individuals, government and businesses. Whitedocs improve efficiency by automating processes, managing payments and data analytics.  

What would they do differently?

‘The customer is so important and I could have been more responsive to their feedback in the early days. We are now known for our excellent customer service and have since learnt that lesson!’ – Robert Halford 

Their proudest moment in business

‘The Noise App has really improved lives of thousands of people who have had to experience severe noise pollution from other people’s unreasonable behaviour. Many cases have been resolved in record time and I was really moved when a client told us that in one case, the Noise App saved a child’s life.’ – Robert Halford

Do they use Welsh in their business? 

‘Yes, we are responsive to the needs of Welsh language speakers and it has helped us build a strong relationship with our Welsh customers. The Noise App automatically displays Welsh if a phone’s language is set to Welsh. For our corporate customers, we translate our content services into Welsh to provide the best service possible.’ 

Please state the type of assistance / support both non-financial and financial you have received from Welsh Government / Business Wales

Business Wales Relationship Manager, Steve Maggs, has been involved with RHE since October 2016, as they plan for expansion throughout 2017 and beyond. 

In addition to advising them with their growth plans for 2017/2018, Steve has facilitated support and advice from:

  • Welsh Government Innovation Specialists to examine support for RHE Global’s innovative work, using the SMARTCymru support framework;
  • International Trade advice for the business as they explore and develop their international markets in Australia, the UAE and North America; 
  • Equality & Diversity advice to ensure that their HR Policies, procedures and strategies are relevant, compliant and successfully implemented.

Steve has also accompanied RHE Global’s Finance Director Martin Pilkington to key innovation conferences where RHE Global were introduced to important contacts in the Utilities sector.

Robert Halford, Managing Director of RHE Global commented: ‘Business Wales have been a really useful link to help us grow the business and their support has been excellent. Their services have given us confidence that we were set up correctly to do business, saving us thousands of pounds and improving our performance.’

Top Tips 

RHE Global’s top tips for anyone else looking to start or grow their own business, would be: 

  • always start in an area of business you understand really well
  • never take a project on unless you know you can finish it
  • listen very carefully to your customer feedback. Sometimes what is not said is more important than what is said 

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