“With my mentors guidance, I now have a showroom adjacent to my workshop. Her friendly, professional support has been invaluable.”

Vicky Ware Ceramics

Vicky Ware of Vicky Ware Ceramics, designs and makes rustic, contemporary ceramics, through simple hand building techniques, and she uses a variety of clays including wild clay from her own fields. The business was lacking in growth, with Vicky finding it a juggle between running her small shop in the local town and creating the ceramics at her workshop 7 miles away. 

Thanks to the support and encouragement Vicky has received from her business mentor, she now has a multi-use studio in the Cambrian Mountains. The new showroom is now adjacent to her workshop and allows visitors to view the contemporary ceramics, whilst Vicky is conveniently still able to design and make the pottery.

As well as the new studio set-up, Vicky’s mentor suggestions have encouraged her to improve the businesses marketing, time management, work/life balance, cutting unnecessary costs, and most of all, allowing the business to grow in the right direction. 

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