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Andy Roberts started Weekly10 after 14 years working as a senior leader in software industry across financial services, e-commerce and telecommunications. Weekly10 is a software platform designed to embed a feedback culture in organisations around the world. As workforce dynamics change and productivity stagnates, organisations are looking for new ways to engage and motivate their employees. Weekly10 provides a light touch process to increase engagement whilst utilising Machine Learning to provide insights to management.

What they did

Andy started Weekly10 during his spare time in 2017 with a minimum viable product to gain market feedback and refine the platform further. To help develop his business, he took part in the inaugural Business Wales 5-9 club in Wrexham. The business took on its first enterprise customers in 2018 and now has customers across the UK with a growing number overseas. Now working on the business full time, Andy is currently participating in the Welsh Government’s Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP) to help scale the business further and develop the Machine Learning aspects of the platform.

What would they do differently?

“In hindsight, I wish I had engaged with Business Wales much sooner. There is a wide range of support that would have been available early in the development of Weekly10 which may have helped scale the business more quickly.”

Their proudest moment in business

“Our proudest moment is signing up our first enterprise customer. Seeing Weekly10 in action and making a significant impact on employee engagement, well-being and productivity has been really rewarding.”

Describe the type of support (financial / non-financial) they’ve received from Business Wales / Welsh Government

Andy signed up and completed the Business Wales 5-9 Club at the Business Wales Wrexham Enterprise Hub – a 12-week fully funded programme, designed to help entrepreneurs through the early stages of starting up, allowing them to get all the business support they need, fitted around their busy schedules.

He is now supported by the Accelerated Growth Programme to further develop the business and help him scale it up while developing new innovative products.

Top Tips 

Here are Weekly10’s top tips for anyone else looking to start or grow their own business:

  • talk to everyone about your idea, the best way to improve your business idea or product is to get feedback from as many people as possible
  • empirically test your idea with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), the most effective way to see if your idea can be a sustainable business is to get people to pay for it, work out one thing that would provide your customers with value and get it out there as soon as you can, as you develop your idea further, use A/B testing to refine and improve
  • build a team as soon as possible, try and develop your idea with others, ideally a co-founder, having someone who is invested and committed to the business will bring a different perspective and support you when things get tough
  • focus on what’s important, map out your long-term goals with short term prioritised targets that help you get there, continually review and update to make sure you’re working as effectively as possible
  • find a mentor, having someone outside your circle of friends and family who will talk frankly and challenge your ideas will accelerate the development of your business



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