Zip-Clip Ltd was founded in 2004 from a fledgling idea between friends.  The company was founded on a new product that was an inventory step on traditional methods that had been supplied in the construction industry for decades.  

Since its initial idea Zip-Clip has now grown into a manufacturer and innovator in wire suspension systems to the construction industry.  Our products are used for the suspension of HVAC, M&E, Acoustic boarding, signage, seismic restraints and more recently in civil engineering applications.

Our systems are designed to reduce labour, construction costs and time compared to traditional methods such as threaded rod.  By enabling the contractor to install their systems quicker they are able to increase the revenue potential of the site and increase the number of sites within a year with a reduce head count.  Our system can also be installed without the need for a hot works permit and its associated costs.

Zip-Clip also supports engineers on site through its technical team to design specific solutions for complicated or restrictive applications.  If our standard range is not suitable for the application a bespoke solution will be developed.

As part of our continued development our range of products expand every year through innovation and design improvements.  Our range of Seismic systems designed to support installations in earthquake countries has recently undergone new testing at Bristol University’s Engineering department in association with independent testing house Element to enable the system to not only be used in standard construction applications but also in Nuclear applications.  

More recently Zip-Clip has developed a unique civil application for its system to be used for the installation of cage pilling during ground works.  The new Zip-Splice enables the groundwork team to install cages at a far reduced cost with increased speed and improved safety by eliminating the need of the contractor to put his/her hands within the cage during splicing process.
At present we have two further systems that are under development and patent pending application stages.

Zip-Clip’s head office and manufacturing base is in Welshpool and for the past ten years the customer focus has been to develop its export customer base throughout the world.  We currently export throughout Europe, America, Far East, Australia and New Zealand.  We are currently working on many prestigious projects including EXPO 2020 in Dubai, the World Cup Football Stadiums in Qatar, Boeing Goldcare hangers at Gatwick and previous projects include the London Olympics, Harry Potter studios, Selfridges, Tesco, Liddle, Ferrari, JLR, M&S, Natural History Museum and many more.  

To support our export market we have now opened branches overseas with Zip-Clip SARL based in France and more recently Zip-Clip PTY Ltd in Australia.

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