Their Unique Selling Point has evolved to offer the opportunity for buyers to work with them to influence their home’s internal design, to be part of the build journey of their home in alignment with the sensitive timeframe of the building process.

They see it imperative to take the time to listen and understand customers and what is important to them, understanding the influences of change in today’s lifestyle and the desires in the building of new homes within the construction industry that leads through change and innovation.

They have gone from strength to strength over recent years, firmly placing them at the forefront of the Welsh construction industry. Waterstone Homes showcases best practice in construction; it’s no surprise that this growing enterprise has a full order book taking them to the end of Summer 2019.

Waterstone Homes’ beautiful and much desired residential developments provide close attention to detail, whilst complementing the wider range of clients in the housing association sector and providing new homes with a brand they can trust.  

Their sister company ‘Jehu Project Services’ works on the commercial and industrial construction activities, also providing services to the housing sector for many associations. Both companies derive from the foundation of the Jehu family and Jehu Group are the foundation of both brands.

Andrea Gardner, Sales & Marketing Director, is very passionate about the company’s work ethics and describes how the company has strived to develop its reputation and grown bigger than ever. 

“We have evolved with our clients and strive to offer a service that reflects our core values as a business by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.  With decades of experience within the construction industry, we are always open to new and exciting innovation and challenges to grow as a business.  We create a rewarding working environment for our staff and ensure our employees can develop by working collaboratively and investing in our people. Our commitment is to amalgamate our skill set of loyalty and experience with new staff, and as we share the practice of our businesses, we gain so much from a multi-generation workforce with openness and willingness that engages with nurturing.  Our principles are the foundation of our values for the business and have achieved a stronger workforce as a result and continues to grow every year'

Waterstone Homes applied for Leadership & Management training through Construction Futures Wales in 2017 and Andrea was offered a place on the cohort, together with a Company Health Check to identify areas for improvement within the business.  Reflecting on the process and the support received through Construction Futures Wales, Andrea was keen to ensure Waterstone Homes could leverage the support they needed to take the company forward.

“Some of our client’s requirements can take us into unfamiliar territory as a business and this presents a new set of challenges.  We understand that every client is different, and we appreciate that further development of our own knowledge is sometimes required to ensure that we can meet the needs of all of our customers in the future.”

“The Leadership & Management programme through Construction Futures Wales offered a unique opportunity to gain these essential skills.  I have encouraged additional staff in our business to enquire and see what support is available to them as the course was significantly beneficial to myself and the business. “

“The programme directly reflected our business aspirations, it made sense to take advantage of the opportunity.”

“Whilst a little nervous, as I am a mature student hitting the half century (and it’s a long time since I focused on lectures!), I thought I would give it a go as leadership is such an interesting and valued area of any business.  I am a believer that everything has to change and have had experience of working under many different styles of leadership.  This provides members of our teams with the tools and knowledge they need to move the business forward.” 

Reflecting on the course, Andrea shares feedback on how the programme supported the business’ growth.

“I completed the Level 5-7 programme and gained a Level 7 qualification upon completion of the Strategic Growth Plan.  It was a challenging course as I had a very busy work schedule to maintain during my studies, but the support and advice that was given made the organisation and delivery of my projects manageable; I was able to implement my learning in the workplace and make improvements to our working practices as a result. ”

“ I chose to look at ‘reduction on customer complaints’.  Clients have become more confident over the years and expectations are high with the smallest of detail being challenged.  The new home sector can be easily criticised.  In the construction industry of new homes, we appreciate each home is humanly made, every part of it, a billion pieces and, to top that, built in challenging environments.  Perfection is flawed and it’s about, service, education and support for our customers to understand this.  The collaborative leadership through the business for our staff is vital and has an effect on what our customers will gain.   The course helped me look at the culture we want to adopt from the onset in order to change elements in the business process and mind-set of people to each other.  Building people’s dreams comes with a great deal of responsibility and it is a healthy working environment that achieves customer satisfaction.  Again, principles setting the tone to our values.”

“Looking at being the company of choice to the working market means we want to support future employment opportunities and recommendations from our employees to the marketplace.  This demonstrates we are getting it right and is still the best way to attract the best people to us.  The balance to identify key skills and develop our loyal workforce, while encouraging and attracting new people, is a strength of the Jehu family and shows that they are committed to change and fully understand that the business must evolve to be the customer’s choice.”

Andrea is very proud of the company’s achievements and describes how it has led to exciting business development opportunities. 

“Construction Futures Wales opened my mind and to be studying in Cardiff Metropolitan meant I was able to share my expertise with entrepreneurs in businesses and the University, who offered an incredible amount of collaborated support.  I can recommend the leadership programme as it drew on data, facts and realism to the new era of the workplace for the future.  People are changing, businesses are changing, and our customers change all the time.  We must not stand still, it would be unforgiveable.”

“Listening to our clients and customers, we are set to grow and hence we will shortly be able to launch to new markets within the sector.  The construction industry may not have changed much in terms of physical needs, but it is the right leadership that sets a culture to grow the business and this is what I will take away from Construction Futures Wales.  It makes me proud to be part of the ever-learning sector, and I want to see our employees gain what I have gained.” 

To find out more regarding Waterstone Homes’ upcoming news, events and employment opportunities, please click here.

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