CFW Innovation Database

Do you need to source a construction product or service? Do you have an innovative construction solution?

The Construction Innovation Database aims to establish an interactive database of firms in the construction sector in Wales. A searchable directory of companies that are engaged in innovative activities will be available through the CFW website and will include information about each company's sub-sector, innovations that have been introduced within the last 3 years, the impact of those innovations, and their collaboration with other organisations.

Companies will be able to include their own summary of their innovation activity, web-links to their own company pages, and links to other web-pages that publicise their innovation-related activity. All types of innovation are included, which means innovations in products, services, processes, materials, organisational structure, and marketing. 

The Construction Innovation Database project is being developed through Cardiff Met and is part of a continuing programme of research and practical support for the construction sector in Wales. If you wish to place an entry in the Innovation Database, please email your details to

Innovation news and opportunities

Innovate UK Delivery Plan 2016 – 2018

This delivery plan outlines the main ways in which Innovate UK will invest around £561 million in helping businesses to innovate and grow in the financial year 2016 to 2018.

The Innovation Zone

Innovation can help your business become more competitive, increase sales and enter new markets. The Innovation zone is designed so that you can find out what support and funding is available to help you innovate.

We can help you to:

  • invest in research and development (R&D)
  • introduce new techniques and technologies in design and manufacturing
  • protect your assets through intellectual property (IP) rights
  • access facilities and expertise in universities and colleges

To find out more call on 03000 6 03000 or visit the Innovation website.

Protecting your Intellectual Property - guidance from the UK IPO

Intellectual property is something unique that you physically create - an idea alone is not intellectual property.

For example, an idea for a book is not intellectual property, but the words you’ve written are.

Copyright, patents, designs and trade marks are all types of intellectual property protection.

Your intellectual property is either protected automatically from theft or copying, or you can register it to protect it.

By knowing your rights and having the right type of protection you can stop people stealing or copying:

  • the names of your products or brands
  • your inventions
  • the design or look of your products
  • things you write, make or produce

Protecting your intellectual property makes it easier to take legal action against anyone who steals or copies it.

The type of protection you can get depends on what you’ve created, and more than one type of protection could be linked to a single product.

You can find out what type of intellectual property you have using the IP Equip service on the GOV.UK website.

Further information can be found in the GOV.UK guide Intellectual property and your work.