Comparing your own performance against yourself year on year only gives you part of the picture. The real benefit comes from comparing your performance with the best in your business. This can highlight your strengths but also areas of weakness that require attention - benchmarking can become your company’s health/fitness plan.

The specially developed Construction Futures Wales benchmarking tool is a unique service that will help you develop a focused Action Plan to address those weaknesses that will bring long term benefit to your company.

The whole process guarantees 100% confidentiality and you will be benchmarked against a large number of Welsh and UK construction companies through the Winning Moves Ltd Benchmark Index®.

What information will you need?

You will be required to provide some essential financial information and KPI data for this to work properly. Most of this is available from your end of year accounts and Companies House, however some other data will be specific to your business. You will be given a list of what is required as part of the Intermediate Health Check. 

How can I access this?

To access this service, you will first need to apply for CFW support using the ‘Apply now’ button and complete the Basic Health Check. Eligible companies will be offered a business review using the Intermediate Health Check service, followed by the opportunity to undertake the full Benchmarking exercise once completed.