Company Health Check

Step 1

The process starts with you clicking the ‘Apply now’ button and undertaking the Basic Company Health Check which will take minutes to complete. The information you provide remains strictly confidential.

If you are not eligible for support through the CFW programme, you will be directed to a Business Wales adviser who can discuss your Company Health Check with you and can direct you to other relevant support available.

Step 2

If your Basic Company Health Check indicates that your business has potential for growth, you will be contacted by a CFW adviser who will arrange a face to face Intermediate Company Health Check (ICHC) with you.

This discussion will take approximately 2-3 hours of your time and will yield information that will guide the type and level of CFW support offered. Ideally this discussion will involve more than one person and must be endorsed by the CEO, director or senior manager of your business.

Step 3

Based on the outcome of your ICHC, your adviser will make a recommendation of support to CFW.

This will take the form of an agreed number of days’ support on areas identified for improvement, for example, Leadership and Management, Quality Standards/Management Systems, Business Improvement Techniques, Health and Safety, Regulatory Requirements, and so on.

This support is conditional, based upon your commitment and the supply of further information to enable your company to be benchmarked against the industry standards.

Your adviser will produce a final report based upon the Intermediate Company Health Check and Benchmarking data and will discuss this with you. This final report will allow you to realise your company vision and plan for years ahead.

It is CFW’s intention to make this benchmarking available in future years to ensure it becomes part of a company’s normal planning and control cycle.

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