Construction Futures Wales support delivery also focuses on Supply Chain Development, as many companies within the construction industry are suppliers to Tier One contractors on major projects.

A Network can be defined as a suite of workshops, bespoke to any given project to be attended by key individuals from the client/main contractor organisation and appropriate individuals from supplier organisations, supplemented by 1:1 support to suppliers (usually 10 to 15 suppliers maximum).

The primary aim of a Network is to encourage ‘true’ collaborative working (the very principle behind Building Information Modelling - known as BIM). The Workshops topics are generally agreed with the client/main contractor from the outset, sometimes covering areas perceived as needing further development within the Supply Chain, or simply to reinforce site processes and future planning of the project.

These workshops (usually up to 6 in number) can be scheduled at monthly intervals or greater, depending on the progress of the project and/or the client/main contractor requirements. The engaged suppliers receive 1:1 support in between to focus on what has been delivered during the workshops. Each supplier may receive up to 5 days 1:1 support as a result. Tier One contractors can be larger non SMES, or established Welsh indigenous companies.

Networks are a very powerful tool - they can drive collaboration, achieve real savings and deliver considerable tangible outcomes for end users, clients, Tier One contractors and suppliers.

For example, a school construction in Flintshire had an additional classroom facility funded by savings made as a result of a Network. Similarly local suppliers working on a community hospital were supported to meet Health Project Standards as a result of the Network delivered on that particular project.

If your company has a project that would be interested in running such a Network then please contact the Construction Futures Wales programme management team.

Please note, that all applications will be assessed on a case by case basis given resource implications.