Changes to Wales’ Test Trace Protect service

A timetable for changes to Wales’ Test Trace Protect service was published on 28 March 2022 as part of wider plans to gradually move beyond the emergency response to the pandemic. The Welsh Government continue to strongly advise that everyone self-isolates if they have COVID symptoms or test positive. 

A new Social Care Transition Plan has also been published, which sets out new arrangements for care homes between April and June 2022.

For further information visit Changes to testing and care homes as we all learn to live safely with coronavirus | Business Wales (

Cautious approach to coronavirus protections to continue

From Monday 28 March 2022, face coverings will no longer be required by law in retail settings and on public transport, though they will continue to be recommended in public health advice. And the requirement to self-isolate will also move into guidance. 

However, 2 key legal protections will remain in place as coronavirus cases have risen sharply in recent weeks, driven by the BA.2 sub-type of the omicron variant.

Face coverings will remain a legal requirement in health and social care settings and coronavirus risk assessments must continue to be carried out by businesses, with reasonable measures put in place in light of those assessments.

For further information visit Cautious approach to coronavirus protections to continue | Business Wales (

Workplace guidance

Return to work safely, guidance for employers in Wales

Depending on the type of business you run, there will be a number of issues to consider in getting your business re-started and ensure that all employees can return to work safely. 

The following guidance and links will take you to the resources that can help.

Following changes to the law we are updating this guidance. The practical advice in this guidance is still considered useful however you must consider the regulations (as amended).

Wales completes move to alert level zero

For further information visit Alert level 0: reasonable measures action cards for businesses and organisations

Covid Transition Plan: Together for a safer future: Wales’ long-term COVID-19 transition from pandemic to endemic

A long-term plan marking the start of Wales’ transition beyond the emergency response to the pandemic which has been in place for two years. 

Together for a Safer Future sets out how Wales will live with coronavirus, just as we live with many other infectious diseases, and what that will mean for the many public health services and protections Wales has put in place, including vaccine and testing services.

We are asking businesses and other employers to build on the elements of infection control they have put in place to protect staff and customers such as remote working, clean and ventilated premises, so they can be applied to all respiratory infections, not just coronavirus, in line with pre-pandemic Health and Safety law.